hello. you aight?

By Cmingo

I do not realise a lot of things.

I didn't realise that Jia Sheen was quite a big scout, representing Malaysia in some World Jamboree thing in Thailand. I mean, he definately doesn't look the part. I hope he doesn't crack lame jokes in that Jamboree thing because I just deduced that it must be a big scout thing since Daniel Radcliffe is there! Doh! Harry Potter is a scout! Maybe he's JS's roommate. Haha. Wait, that's scary. For Radcliffe of course.

Finally watched TTT. Yay. Just curious. Where are the rings that the Elven Kings and Dwarven Lords own? If the One Ring has power of those rings... why not just pull them out of your hand so that Sauron can't control u or something. Wait, maybe I should read the book :( But it's boring! Haha. Maybe I'm just lazy. Oh, are all elfs immortal? Isn't that a bit cheating? They'll be the best race in the world then. And I don't get the way Legolas flipped on to the horse. Do all elves do that, or was it just bad CGI? Bah.

I think Legolas has a crush on Aragorn.


By Cmingo

I like project covers! Do YOU?


What cool project covers.


By Cmingo

Miserable Misery

Ben is one helluva pitiful guy.


And I'm one big hypocrite.


By Cmingo

No I mean, seriously..

Someone asked me this once:

Would you rather be a Vin Diesel or a Backstreet Boy?

I wish I had a poll thing but since I don't, please comment thx.

Vin Diesel Pros: Looks tuff and no one messes with you, get hot chicks in pubs.
Vin Diesel Cons: You're bald.

BSB Pros: You make lots of money and you have millions of fans(hot chicks included).
BSB Cons: You get luffed at for being in a boy band.

Btw, Benjamin Chin Sze Hsien is currently hospitalised. Why? Because a bug got into his eye. Yep. A live insect squirming beneath his eye gasping for every breath it can take while sucking the oxygen out of Ben's cornea.

Nah, I'm just kidding. He scratched himself with his contacts and now it's infected. I hope I can visit him soon. It will be funny to see a person with a blind left eye and a limp right hand. Hoho. Btw, Ben, is just.. so unlucky. This may sound a little weird to you but everytime I think I'm living a miserable life, I look at Ben and decide that I shouldn't be complaining when my fren is having a shittier life. I wonder who he looks at when he wants to feel better. (3 dots lined in a triangle) Therefore, no more insulting Ben. He has enuff of dat from Nigel and KW. Haha. (angelic face)

Oh yeah, is this cute? o_0
How about a superman? ~m(-_-)m~

I wonder where Belfunk went.


Btw, my gf blogs about me :(. She recently told me her new blog add but is still keeping her old blog site from me. I'm figuring dat she must have written heaps lot of complains about her darlin me and is not willing to share dat. Only Grace knows. I hope she reads this site cuz I want to pry the info out of her. BLAH!

I'm tempted to link my gf's blog but I think I'm going to think twice on dat.

I hope Grace pities me and whispers the site add. I've been trying desperately to lucky-guess her site add but all I got were French speaking diaries. This sux.



By Cmingo

What a week

I mean, three finales of the reality series airing in Msia! The Mole, The Amazing Race, and Survivor!

Ok, I think Dorothy's a real smart person but definately very lucky.

Flo and Zach? Ok, Flo can be a real bitch. And if I was a girl, I'll go for Zach cuz I think he's the sweetest guy on Earth. Wtf, he NEVER gets angry and is so damn positive. Even when Flo was screaming, "I wanna quit this dumb race!", Zach just did everything he could to carry the team.. and it definately paid off. Haha. Teri and Ian, well, great job guys. My picks were Ken and Gerard but I had no idea why I wanted Flo and Zach to win. Maybe I just wanted to have a look at Flo's face when she won. Haha.

Ok, Brian, I think is the smartest Survivor ever. From Episode 1, I knew he'll definately get into top three for sure. Why? He was quiet in the first few episodes, he was friendly, he put on that honest face that everyone goes for and he definately didn't make any enemies. He just knew how to make ppl feel secure around him, dat was his trick. And don't forget, he was one of the most agile Chuay Gahn members, which definately meant that he can grab those immunities easily and he had a very quick mind, so mental challenges weren't tough at all... But I bet the final question and answer session for him must have been tough, because he was very nervous and his voice was shaking as almost half the tribe condemned him for his dishonesty and those spiteful comments like, "You're just a trashy used car salesman". Wtf, dat was rude =/ But oh well, Americans run their lives differently.

ANDDDD there was something I wanted to mention during the Hari Raya days... Siti Nurhaliza.. was everywhere. TV1, 2, 3, Ntv7. From 8am, till what 5 pm? She's real popular.. and I really don't see how she got the time to do so many shows! She rawks.


By Cmingo

The higher you climb, the harder you fall.

Today was pretty funny.

I went to four placement centres.
All of em' rejected me. Haha. AND trust me, the feeling of disappointment was overwhelming. Hehe.

Well, at the first placement centre(TPC) I still had my hopes up. BUT the lady counsellor did a solemn shake of her head with a wtf subtle grin.

At the 2nd one(Aus ED), someone told me that medicine was ALL full in Australia. NO more places for you, sucka.

3rd one(JM edu), well, beggars can't complain so I'm ready to take ANY uni at all. Haha. ANY uni in Australia, I didn't even care if it was like super sucky as long as I get somewhere!

But nope. That guy did a solemn shake of his head when I asked if I could go anywhere at all, and it came with a tight slap to the face, "NO, not at all." Again with a wtf subtle grin.

So as I finally went into IDP, I managed to speak to like the head counsellor and she again told me that medicine in Australia was either, a) full with no more places b) application deadline closed and you missed the interviews or c) you don't make the score(this was a very popular reason with me)..... and yes, EVERY U in Aus dat offers medicine! Weeee.

BUTTTT anyway, she proposed something. I can however take this Bio Medical science course for 3 years and then at the end of my course, sit a GAMSAT(i think) test or something plus an interview to enter a UNI which offers a Graduate Medical Programme! Butttt.. this route is pretty risky cuz if you don't make that one GAMSAT test or the interviewers don't like your hair, then you can't proceed to transfer into the medicine programme and you're stuck with a degree you had no interest at all in getting in the first place. Or, just go to IMU, and be like top 3 out of 200 students to transfer into an overseas U 2.5 years later..


What's on my mind right now is... if I do that BioMedical Science thing, I might not have a good enough foundation cuz I wasn't really learning medicine and I'll have to like pick up at the 3rd year! But however, I heard dat it's a good enuff foundation, whatever... A good thing though is, I can study in Melb or Sydney depending on the UNI I wanna do my medicine 3 years later... So, I won't have to readapt anymore.. Blah! BUT, I'm not even sure I should go overseas or not. I think I'm a very irresponsible bugger. =(

So, what da ya think? Hmm, if I do the biomedical thingy, can go overseas(fun) prolly Feb next year but risky cuz if I get lazy at the end of the course and screw up the test(sounds familiar)... no place to go :/. SIGH.

EITHER WAY I see it, the routes I'm taking now are much much much more difficult than if I HAD STUDIED harder in SAM to get a direct entry =(. Oh well, no regrets.

IMU, or risky BioMedScience? IMU, or risky BioMedScience? IMU, or risky BioMedScience? IMU, or risky BioMedScience?

I think IMU's risky too cuz if I fail like one final test, I don't get to go overseas anymore. So it has to be clean sheet the whole time. WTF. BUT, at least I'll still be recognized as a doctor, made in Msia, yay!

I'm really messed up now. And CR's like scolding me in my comments. Sigh, sometimes, you ppl who have ur places in the UNI and are happy confirming and paying ur cheques for the term fees.... you just don't get it, okay? Cuz you have something.

Maybe I should just reevaluate and ukur my own kemampuan.. and just do something else. Blah. Dat, my friends, is easy for you to say. You just don't get it.

Oh btw, just dload this song thx: Westlife - This Close, I think dat's the right title. It ownz bonez just like Westlife ownz ur bonez.

Btw, dat's Carly Pope on the left! She's in the tv series Popular, I think it's aired every Thursday at 10pm TV2. If the show maintained its semi-serious semi-moral learning atmosphere, and DUMP off the stupid comedy scenes like seeing thru crystal balls and very obvious lame storylines like kidnapping a friend, threaten her life, but resume normal friendship the next morning.... then it'll definately be a better worth watch.

I like long posts! Anyway today was a sad day, cuz I was looking for company in the afternoon.. 1 friend was out with his gf, 3 are having their vacation, 1 doesn't have a hfone, 1 wants to go swimming, and 1 didn't want to go out with me cuz he was broke ... although I very kindly told him I'll spend him! ARgh. Maybe he's just avoiding me..grr.

I like long posts! DO you? (points finger at you)

I was thinking... it's time to redesign the website, this time with original code haha. The templates are very unflexible to say the very least, and a friend who just started his blog decided to use my template! Noooo.

Anyway, I'm listening to this Dicky Cheung "Journey to the West" rap song... wtf. With streamyx, sometimes you just accidentally get the wrong songs =/. Oops, sorry KW.

I think I have weird music preferences btw.

What's wrong with Westlife? I don't think they are a typical pretty boy group with no singing talent right? Erm.. at least they can sing, can't they?

OO, listening to Whitney now, the classic "I will always love you", OWNAGE!

BTW, why doesn't Msia get a boy band thing going!

I don't think we lack good looking pretty boys right? HAHA.

So if we can find like 5 pretty Msian boys with an average singing ability, they might just make big stars! Ok, Ben and me are already in the first selection. Haha.

Anyway, do you think I'm a lame joker with absolutely no humour whatsoever??



Anyway, quote KW, "I DON't give a damn what ppl think about me!"

So if you don't like my blog, just get lost. Wait.. sorry.

Ok, this is a really long post I think. So you can have like something to read! And if no one else has updated, come in here and give me a comment! Advise me on my future please, thx :) Ur advise might be just what I need. Heck, it might be just the right thing.

No one's Bnetting anymore! Noooo.

It's time to start playing solo games =/

Anyway, I think CR's slowly becoming a Msian War3 star, wtf? It might never happen but he might be like a chun Msian player soon! And when that happens, hello AT partner.

Have I mentioned that Msian's Starcraft No.1(i think), JohnRambo, just happens to be my SAM classmate? HAHA, AND, I didn't even realise that till few weeks before he was gonna leave for Korea =/. Sometimes, the world is just sooo small.

Speaking of gaming, do you think that Msians are good? I mean, we DEfinately get the exposure... and we got the talent, so what's missing? What does Korea have dat we don't? Erm, a payroll for gamers. Dat must be it.

If you're still here, then I must applaud you for you are now an official CM blog fan. Yay, please give me ur name, phone, and credit card number and you'll get a Membership Card.. and get this .. autographed! HAHAHAHA.

ANd no, I'm not full of myself, I'm just funny, just in case you're reading, Mr. Wandering Traveller.

OHoh, do you know, that this person is my fav blogger? Haha, she's funny, smart and witty. She reads like a million books and seems to be very good in English as well as intelligent. I wish she advises me on my future. =/


By Cmingo

Optimism is the path to success

NO more rants on life!

It's time for interesting stuff! Bwahahha.


By Cmingo


I just received my score.

just disappointed a lot of ppl. Myself included.

I'm going off to cry now.


By Cmingo

And all of a sudden...

The results are coming out tomorrow.(I mean today)

Sigh, sometimes after doing an exam, you can just feel it you know. That gut feeling. Of misery, despair, and failure.

Five papers. And I felt it. Sigh. Please, shake your head and sigh with me... Sigh.

I think in like 3 more hours, the results will be out. I made a subtle promise with Ben to chat with him till 7even and then we'll log in to the Ssabsa site to check out our results.


Anyway, I'm a very boring person ya know?









I really want to go into space. And float in zero g. And do a Darth Vader impersonation while floating... Haha..

Btw, when I was younger, I used to have a crush on every female that does something as insignificant as smiling at me. So basically, I had crushes on all the females in my class. Haha. But dat was when I was young, now I'm different, you fool! But seriously, during my primary years, I really liked a lot of girls and I used to have childish thoughts of romance with all of them. Childish thoughts as in contrary to adult thoughts, thank you.

I better insert humour in my blogs. Blah.

What is the biggest part of an elephant?

Give up?
It's the tail.
Know why?

(Drum roll)

Cuz it covers the (w)hole of it!!!
Wtf, I'm as funny as hell.

Ok, stop luffing please..



By Cmingo


It all boils down to me.

A blog has the power to impose upon you a reflection of who amongst us are good, bad or ugly. At certain moments as a reader, you get to feel or experience the writer's pain, anger, or joy.

I could be the evil boyfriend, you know. For all you know, I could be the asshole of assholes. But you don't. Because what you're reading does not show that I am.

But the funny thing is, even I did not realise that I was an asshole. Sigh, it's sad really.

My girlfriend loves me. I request for things such as more time together. When I don't get it, I do hold my patience because that's what good bf's do. Lately, I've come to realised that I'm too patient. Everyone gets to spend at least thrice more time with their gfs than I do. Chwan Ren sees CY almost everyday.

For most people, they get to relieve stress by going for jogs or swimming or eating. For me, I just like to shower. Yep, right under the torrent of water, I just close my eyes and think to myself. It's very peaceful in the shower...

And sometimes, I just stand there... thinking to myself that all I want is to spend today with my gf. To hang around in my house and watch a movie or to go shopping and race on Daytona =P.

I rarely get it.

I remember vaguely, I did make a promise not long ago never to request like this anymore. The simple fact being because if my requests were capable to be fulfilled, I wouldn't have been trying for so long, so hard, just to be where I am right now, nowhere with nothing.

I love you, Cindy. And because I SAID from my heart that I love you, I should be at full comprehension of the meaning love and the beauty that it holds.

Love comes from both sides. Love is patient, and does not require forced actions.

I could be the evil guy or you could be the horrible girl, but let's just leave that to be speculated on. Neither of us were wrong but never will either of us draw true.

Call it a truce if you may :).

But that sounds childish and I'm 18 on January 9 to be exact.

I would write more but at this instant, 5.08 am, I'm going to log off because you're waking up in one hour's time for Perth and I wanna surprise you for once..:) I can wake up! Or rather, not sleep..

Sigh. This love is unbreakable, it's unmistakable. Each time I look in your eyes, I know why.

Yep, westlife fan. Btw, message to readers: I'm not trying to sound "wai tai" or whatever. If you think I'm pretending to be something else a.k.a being fake, then just go away.


By Cmingo

Whatever it is...

Please, don't ask me what my results are when it comes out! Thx!! :)


By Cmingo

Can someone please!

Tell me why you can't see the pic below. Thx. GG no re.


By Cmingo

CR is gay

Here's why:

Click if you can't see

We were on BNet, probably getting ready to play a game, when he suddenly said he owned Bnet. Two seconds later, he admitted it.


By cindy


Grrr..oops. Hi everyone, Cindy here. Wow, what an appropriate title, except that i shouldn't be writing in here then. =P Haha, forgive my sarcasm. i do beg your pardon. [Erm, i think you'll understand my last line only if u've watched kate&leopold=P]. Grrr again..CM's messing up my blog as i'm writing this here. Help!!


By Cmingo


Finally changed the title.


By Cmingo

Well, honestly...

Just got to watch Crossroads a few days back. And guess what, from the bottom of my heart, I feel that it can be categorized as...

Not bad.

Well, I maybe a sucky movie critic but hey, please be honest and agree with me that Britney wasn't a bad actress! Seriously, don't you think she's a good actress? I mean, her first time and all.

You guys suck for saying no.

The story's so-so and the plot was ok.. But it's definately not all-time sucky. And Britney's seriously not lousy.

Thx, gg no re.


By Cmingo

What I think is...

There's no such thing as deja vu being a memory flashback or a reflection from a past life or somewhere long ago..

I think it's actually a brain trigger, a mind trick, causing you to translate what you are viewing as a memory. So basically this trigger interprets the situation as a memory and this causes you to think that the image actually occurred before because your brain now is accessing the memory section instead thus causing you to feel that the whole place is awfully familiar.

I mean, that's what I think deja vu is..., I read it from somewhere and I find it quite logical. Hehe. But wait, I'm just pretending to be smart, so please ignore me.

Anyway, I hope Nigel reads my blog. Cause I'm gonna refer to a little of you in my blog below..

Quoted: "then i haven't been out with siang mun for...2 days"

In the 2 and a half weeks that we've had the holidays, I've seen my gf twice. And no, none of us had an overseas trip or any other long term pressing engagements.

Quoted: "i feel soo fucking sad when other ppl can see each other like damn fucking often"

Nope. Not everyone, Nigel, not everyone.

Quoted: " mean, seriously. what type of relationship does it mean when it's only been 6 hours of seeing each other when you've been away for 10 days. huh? what does that mean?"

Erm, actually, if you must know, I envy how often you get to see your SM. It's something to be jealous about, definately.

Quoted: "i mean fine lar, family all outing cool lar..seriously. but i mean. make SOME time for me. i deserve it."

Know exactly how you feel.

Quoted: "i mean, not suicide suicide, but real i mean like "whats life worth living if EVEN your girlfriend doesn't want to see you""

Hmm, come to think about it...

Quoted: "it's not that u can't. it's because you dont want to try. and even if u did want to try, you wont"

Yep, wonder about that a lot of times.

Anyway, I'm not dissing you or anything Nigel, in fact, I want you to know that I understand how it feels but the point I'm trying to make here is that, you see your gf about 10 times more regulary than I do, you go out with her about 52 times more than I do, and you have romantic interactions(i don't mean sex, but cards and gifts and trips and surprises) 12314 times more than I do.
I do ask myself sometimes, here is a guy complaining when he sees his gf as much as he does so what does this make me? A bigger loser?

A lot of you don't know how rarely I see my gf. Trust me, it's rare.

I definately am not asking you to STOP your complaining hehe, cause that's your diary and I have no right to. I just want to say something since you HAVE been complaining for pretty long and it might help you if you know there's someone like you but worse, much worse.

I have this sudden temptation to complain about my love life. And yes, there are a lottt of things that I can complain about. But I like to think that love is not an easy gain. If after so much pain and effort.. both parties still do have deep feelings for each other then that is true love.

Well bottom line is, just appreciate SM for her time right now. If my gf had SM's time, I'll be thanking my lucky stars.

Sometimes it does not mean she doesn't care if she does not see you.

ARGH, what the.. I'm talking so much again. I hope I wasn't a jerk cause I definately wasn't aiming to be one. And I hope I was long-winded cause I wanted to get my point across. Oops, its 6.40 AM. I better sleep b4 the sun comes up.


By Cmingo

I'm a loser

"Chia Ming, I'm beginning to dislike you."

And that, my friends, was the climax for my very, very terrible day.

Today was terrible. And as tempted as I am to relate it to you, I won't because there are many other people out there with terrible-er days. You just need to know that right now, my life... is very confusing.
I'm pretty disappointed at myself, actually. The finals are over and I basically screwed them up. I should be in my complaining mood right now. OH WHY WHY didn't I study harder??

BUT nope. I've made up my mind. I don't regret the things I do anymore as long as I'm in a conscious mood while doing it. During the pre-exam weeks, I could have made the choice to study; pick up a book or do revision.... But I did not. And at that moment as I chose not to, I told myself that if I do get shit results, I won't regret because here I am, offered with the choice to study which I so blatantly refuse to work upon. Not only do I not regret, I CAN not regret because I basically have no right to.

But hey, this is probably an excuse I'm making for being lazy. But trust me, I'll try my best not to regret. BUT I sure as hell am going to be disappointed. Sounds contradicting enough... but my life is so stupid right now that what I'm saying should be stupid too.

Who do you think spoke that line on the top of this post? My father =)

Yep, he's beginning to dislike me. For reasons that I do not comprehend till now. He hates my guts, perhaps. Well, I'm sorry Dad that I could not be the son that you hoped for. I'm sorry that I turned out to be quite the opposite of your 'perfect' son. I'm sorry that I'm a useless, good-for-nothing, money scavenger. I know I shouldn't be wasting your money everyday by going to cyber cafes which if you must know is 2.50 an hour. But you won't know if everytime we chat, you just look away and don't pursue the conversation. Sorry that I bugged you about going to the club to play snooker together but please don't just shrug it off.

Since we're here, sorry Mom that I can't be the doctor you wanted. I'm sorry that I'll get shit results and make you sad. I know you'll be very, very disappointed as you hoped for something in me but I can't help but say that I'm actually just a no good lazy kid with no ambitions no dreams.

Wait, I had dreams. But they're clouded by implanted visions of YOUR future for me. Yes, be practical. That's the way it has to be, doesn't it? Don't do stupid things that won't support your life in the future. Okay, got that.

WELL, since we're here... sorry Cindy that I request so much from you. Sorry Ka Wing that I always come late. Sorry Ben that I always don't chat. Sorry Nicholas for insulting your hair :P. Sorry Thien Loong for ffk-ing you at times. Sorry Chwan Ren for hmm...nothing, STFU CR. Sorry Chien Yin for mocking you most of the time. Oh yeah, sorry SAM teachers, for the promises I made to get good grades. Especially Mr.Woon, who smiles a lot. Speaking of teachers, I hope Mr.John's daughter is well. If anyone of you knows him and know the current news, please do tell thank you.

Now, let's move on to the next topic. Do you know that life is fragile? An archer dies real easily, trust me, so massing it is not really a very good option. Unless you have a lot of meat shields and good micro, please expect to get your archers raped easily.

Actually, a few days back I got a notice that my sister's friend passed away from leukemia. Sigh. I was deeply shocked. She was in fact a very cheerful person with a bubbly personality. Her name was Esther, and I met her for a few times whenever my sister gave her a lift. She was in the same course as my sister and she did not even discover that she had cancer until after her plane reservations were already made to go to UK. I mean, I was there when they were booking their tickets and she was happily discussing whether to choose this flight or that. Then a few months later, she found out she had cancer... And had to miss the intake as she had to wait for a bone marrow.

So here she was, lying in the hospital as her classmates begin their twinning in UK. That itself was very saddening and now, she's gone. I just can't face death like this. Must it be THIS bleak?

What is life then?


By Cmingo


It sucks a lot when everytime you visit that un-updated blogsite just to see that first line of the latest blog which you have practically memorized after visiting it for countless times. In the cast of Yih Pin...

"Heh, It's been a while, I know..but it's summer break!"

Crap, I'm sick of that "Heh". An extremely irritating snicker that welcomes you everytime! Grr..."Heh"! Shaddup!

Selamat Hari Raya Malaysia!


By Cmingo

If only I was smarter

Wouldn't it be great to ace every test, to score in every exam?
Wouldn't it be great to frown at an A minus, to shed a tear at every B?
Wouldn't it be great to see your parents smile, as the teachers praise their child?
Wouldn't it be great to be accepted by universities, or better still, be offered a place without you even applying?
Wouldn't it be great if this was a poem? Instead nothing rhymes at all.
Wouldn't it be great if I work harder? If I spend my time doing hard work?
Wouldn't it be great to realise that smart people are normal people?
Wouldn't it be great to understand that we are the same? Same except of course, they don't procrastinate like me.

I was just thinking, if you shoot a bullet through your head, will you die instantly? Will you feel any pain?
If there is life after death, maybe we should consider this, what if the pain you receive when you die stays with you? What if you shoot yourself and die but after death, your spirit feels that stinging bulletshot in your head for all of eternity?

Btw, this has nothing to do with the above 'I'm a stupiit bohy' poem.

Read my blog, damn it! Read it!

Btw, I created a new theory of relativity:

Since particles can never approach the speed of light and interstellar travel will be almost unpractical...

Why not, using Newton's Third Law, we travel against light. Like in a rocket, the fuel is propelling the rocket by burning into gas and shooting out of the bottom in an avalanche of heat and smoke... A force must be created in the opposite direction pushing the rocket up. Now, we use light as fuel, light shooting out of the rocket! Therefore, an opposite force must be created to balance this force and the rocket will move at the speed of light in the opposite direction!!! ZOOOM!
The thing is, we aren't slowly approaching the speed of light, light is approaching the speed of light! We're just doing what nature is doing and balancing the force!! However, not only that but in a normal fuel rocket the speed of the rocket goes from 0 to something...let's say 500mph. But... that's because the fuel is slowly burning and being emitted at 0 to 500 whatever.. Now however, the light fuel was never at 0. We released it out of the rocket in its original speed which is 2.99 X 10powerof8.... and to immediately balance it, the rocket must move at that speed! Wowee! So it never approached that speed, it merely warped into that speed.
Hoho, hello Nobel prize :P

Innocent bystander: What an absolute pile of nonsensical rubbish.


By Cmingo

Very stagnant people

1) Yih Pin

2) Chwan Ren

3) Ka Wing and Yen Yen

Grr, what happened to the blogging after exams! You guys suck :P

Luckily for me, considerate people like Jacey exist! She, for one, at least update her blog! Grr.

I wonder if anyone still visits this place. If you do, please comment thanks! I'll appreciate that :)

Okay, time to blog again. It's a very fun thing actually if you have the will and effort. Shrug. And don't forget a 64mb cyberspace, which I don't have unfortunately.

Exams are over! Hmm, should I not feel at least a little happy? No. I have no right nor reason to.

I love spaces.

When you fall on your head, do you land on your feet? Are you tense when you sense, there's a storm in the air?

Btw, Ellen Fiess! Haha, funny ad. Funny and cheerful =). I hope this link works. CLICK HERE

And seriously, cute in a strange sort of way.

CM logs off.


By Cmingo

Life is either very simple or very, very uncomprehendable

Hey you!


By Cmingo


Isn't it amazing how unconvincing doctors can be?

First off, my mom was diagnosed with a simple flu..then when it didn't get better, the 2nd doctor told my mom she had Dengue(spellin!!) fever! Grr... Then,...the 3rd doctor told my mom she had virus fever! Now who are we to trust? Tsk tsk. Times like this give us no choice but to shake our heads in unison.

Poor mom, bedbound and feeling all miserable. Hope I...don't get infected this close to the exams :P

Bloggin's dyin for me :). No one reads anyway...well, can't blame 'em. Therefore, this will be the last post! Yay! Haha.

Well! At least I tried!


By Cmingo


It's funny how I get so little visitors but when I do get new ones, they came to this site by funny searches.

I ran up my referrals on SiteMeter and guess how one person stumbled here. He/she was searching for.. "alex+yoong+handsome"

Erm, okay...

One more,...,"Bruneians+are+stupid". Haha.
Anyway, life.
Exams are around the corner. Amazing how fast a year can zoom past! Do you get sudden time lapses where you feel that everything is moving very fast, one week passes by in a blink of an eye and you can actually remember what happened exactly one week before on the same day of the week that you are on now?

Before you know it, I'll have graduated and do something useful with my life!

Nobody blogs anymore. The grand blogging revolution is dying down in my sector. In fact, it barely had begun! Haha. What a disappointing result. Tsk tsk. The supposed plan was from a blogspot to an E/N site to a forum+chat site to an advertisements-popping-around site to a site where it gets 341938 hits... an hour. Haha.
Fat hopes for a fat boy.



By Cmingo

Rara Avis

is a pretty dumb name. I sound like a girl.


By Cmingo

*Slaps myself on forehead*

Yep, people do withdraw their hands back in reflex when they come in contact with a hot kettle, but... you actually pull your hand back..., take a second to realise that the kettle has caused you pain, then proceed to throw the kettle on to the ground and stomp it into little pieces... Two minutes later, you realise you've not boiled water and will have no drinking water tonight.

Blah. :) But you're a nice person other than that, and seriously I don't have anything against you! I have no idea why but I call people names as a way to.. be friendly? Uh oh, crap, it's not working. I suck at socializing.. SO forgive me if I've offended you, and maybe I'll consider forgiving you for mocking me. Haha. Erm, that was a joke... uh.. wait...sorry.

Speaking of bad English, urm, we weren't speaking of bad English, but now that we are...
What's the difference between, 'She has gone to the toilet', and, 'She had gone to the toilet'? I should have payed attention in school when they taught past perfect tenses and all those formats. Now I seriously know shit. Can someone give me a lesson of all the tenses? Haha.

And erm, 'realise', and 'realize'?
Is the one with the 's' British and the other American? Argh, help me here!


By Cmingo

You know I'm lifeless when I...

Watch the entire Back in a Future trilogy on DVD in a span of one day. Cool show. Which made me think...

If someone travels back in time to a certain moment, and hang around there for five minutes, then travel back in time FIVE minutes to the moment where he first appeared, meet his other self that just arrived, and both of them wait another five minutes to travel back fiive minutes again..., and if the cycle continues, will we not have an infinite value of the same person in that same spot in the same instant? So there can be like a million Chia Mings looking at each other, and one million Chia Mings will all travel back at the same time to the same instant and there will be two million, and then four million, and then...

Shudder. But the thing is, where did all the Chia Mings come from? What's to say that if travel back to that moment, I would not be the 12831571937891245th Chia Ming to be in that area? Therefore, it can be concluded that time travel is just not possible. Why? Because IMO, I think time is not a dimension... It's just mere scales we use to keep track of occurrences and it was created to be applied for social purposes. So one human can meet another human at a desired moment when they are both free AND so people will have an idea of roughly when some big event took place. SO time should not be viewed as a straight line... but rather as a dot.

Oh no, boring post again.


By Cmingo


She came back.
I smile.


By Cmingo

Did you know? Driving a car is more dangerous than swimming in shark infested waters

Wow, Chien Yin and Chwan Ren.

What a bizarre accident. Wish I was there!


By Cmingo


She came as hope, stayed as love, and left in misery.
I miss her.


By Cmingo


What is it actually about ghosts and spirits? Seriously, do they exist?

Did you see the picture in the News Straits Time? I can't remember the page number...but hey, it's one freaky picture for sure..

Which reminds me, a few years ago, one or two, my family went to Canada during the holidays. It was a tiring trip, with bus rides that take up to seven or eight hours.

Throughout the trip, we resided in small little towns with small little hotels. AND on one such night as normal, we arrived at the hotel vey late at night and as most of the group were tired, all of us checked into our rooms without delay. My brother and I shared a room but our mom actually went into our room and .... she 'felt' something wasn't right. Feeling uncomfortable with our room, she asked for us to switch with her and our dad's room. So...

The next morning.. my dad told us over breakfast that something happened in the middle of the night.

He woke up at night, and having no glasses, looked around his room very blurrily. He could make out an image of a lady in the corner of the room. She had braided hair. My dad, knowing it's not human, sort of confronted her, and said, "Who's there?". He told us the ghost floated very quickly towards him and proceeded to strangle him! He could see that the ghost was actually a petite Red Indian lady with the hair and all. So as she strangled, my father fought back and pushed her away. She disappeared.

That same morning as he told us the story, he spoke about it to our tour guide. AND the scary thing was, the tour guide said that there were two rooms in this hotel reportedly haunted. One of them was my dad's room.

The tour guide told the story to our Canadian bus driver.. AND the scariest thing was, he said that a long time ago, a Red Indian lady was raped and strangled in the EXACT room.

Gulp. And my father actually saw a Red Indian girl and he told us that BEFORE the bus driver spoke of the story! So we ruled out him trying to spook us out(which he does sometimes)....

SO I was thinking, if my brother and I did not switch rooms... AHHHH! I wonder what would have happened. Hopefully, the spirit wouldn't have disturbed us but what if she tried to rape me as to take revenge on the world? Ah! And strangle me after that? I can't imagine waking up to fend off a ghost that is trying to kill me. Very chilly though to think about it.

So what makes a place scary..? Is it the...

Ooops wrong line, that came from 'Scariest Places on Earth'.

So my point was, this spirit thing is freaky. Comments!


By Cmingo

Online Warcraft!

AND, no, I did not buy the original cd.

Malaysians!!(in this case, it wasn't a Msian who made this program; I doubt Msians can create. We only know how to exploit :P)

Because I'm afraid of legal complications if I link directly to the file, the page instead. It's a proggie called LANCraft.



By Cmingo

Life is in the mind of the beholder

Love? Sometimes I feel very, very, different from the whole world.

Well, true love is when you look at the world, notice that everyone's love life is better in some ways, then look at your own's and still decide that you would never change it because it's perfect the way it is.


By Cmingo

Survivor 5: Thailand looks fun!

Yep, Survivor buff. Even though some might think that Survivor's getting boring("Huh? Survivor 5 ar? Oh okay..."), I still won't miss an episode though but not so much for the predictability(sp!) but for the storyline. Also... have you ever stop to think as to where the cameras might be? I refuse to imagine a camera-man holding one six feet away from them, zooming it up and down their faces, then walking around them to get the perfect angles. That's stupid, right? Cause it'll totally spoil the Survivoring mood.

Anyway, I like Tanya and Penny! :P I think Erin's cute too. Ok, I'm just naming all the chicks.


By Cmingo

An accident!!

This must be peak season for accidents.

I finally got into one today, one that involves money that is. So now under my belt of 4 months of driving, I currently have two scratches and a broken bumper(sp?).

The scratches were long ones though..:/ One done vs the pillar in my house and one more in Ka Wing's house vs his neighbour's Kembara! Ouch, that was bad. But hush, just don't tell anyone.

So, the broken bumper.
This morning I was attempting a simple reverse-parallel parking. I thought I was doing well and was about to congratulate myself when suddenly, I see a plant. It was near the front left of my car, and if I do say so myself, it certainly looks like a flexible plant from where I was sitting. So, I accelerated but suddenly, a very, very horrible tearing sound. Yes, my bumper was literally being torn off. By a plant. Which is very strong. And that horrible tearing sound actually caught the attention of a man washing his car, a girl walking to college and a dog. Yes, a dog, which to my surprise actually ran out of a house when it heard the noise, looked around himself, looked at me, then walked away.

So here I was in the car and when the horrible tearing sound took place, along with it, came down the plant which disappeared from view. SO I was thinking, Oh no, I hope I didn't destroy it. To my relief, after a little movement, the plant stood upright again. Perfectly fine. Phew, I thought, enough for the day, this slightly 'slanting' parking is good enough. So, I came out of the car to actually inspect the plant and to my horror, my bumper was hanging loose! The plant was laughing at me! It actually tore off my bumper.

Not a good day. :(

ANYWAY, there's this girl from my ol' secondary school, and she's now also doing SAM I think, not too sure. Well, her homepages are cool cause of good grafix and designing. My point was, if she did enter the school's webpage competition last year, she might and most probably would have had kicked Chwan Ren's ass. Okay, mine included ;P. Man, I wonder where and how long did she learn her grafix designing cause they're interesting. Jealous CM!

Trials on FRIDAY! I love procrastinating. Btw, did you know that procrastination is like...erm, nvm.

It's time to seriously study hard for my future :(. ARgh, studying is boring.

Why can't the whole world just work along? Farmers can farm, and builders can build, and scientists can science(:/), and postmen can post, and all of them do this not for a salary but because it's their society's role. So then, if you're hungry you can just go to the market and just pick up stuff without paying. Or if you want a new TV, just go to an electronics shop and just get one. It's a perfect cycle where NO CASH is involved. BUT, it can only work if everyone actually perform their role. And we've used the money system for centuries now that if we change to a cashless world, no one would want to do anything because there just isn't any inspiration to do so.

Which makes me think that so many students study hard just because they can secure a good job in the future. Why? Mainly because everybody wants to make money. Don't get me wrong. I want to be a millionare. But anyway how often is it you find someone who wishes to study hard not for the money but for another reason? What? So they can get knowledge? So they can do charitable deeds? Those are a dying if not extinct breed.

So my point is, everything revolves around making money because that will give you a secure life and will provide for your family's happiness. I'm not greedy to the extent of going against my conscience to gain money but I won't be a hypocrite and say,"Oh money's not important. I'm a very honourable person. Money is not the most important thing in the world. I don't care about money because I have good moral values."

The thing is, admittedly, the world today needs money. If you are someone who says, "Ah, money is not important to me." Then don't work hard because you're making lots of money that way. If happiness is the most important thing, and it truly is, then be a hawker and raise a family of six. Either way, as long as your family is not broken, everyone will be happy.

SO my pointttttt is, everybody wants to be happy, and very very subconsciously, we all know that money will bring happiness and therefore will work hard for it. And no matter how immoral that sounds, YOU are actually practicing it in your everyday lives.

I hope someone can tell me I'm wrong. Because I want to know how. It will be great to live life for a truly noble purpose.


By Cmingo

Headaches are not good for you, especially when you might have a blood clot

Gulp, a headache! Help! I'm dying!

Nah, it's better not to joke on things like this. Be positive. I am alive.

Oh, btw, I accidentally got this song on my pc. Khia - Lick it good. Somehow, the lyrics made me laugh. Haha.


By Cmingo


One thing I'm worried about is..that my little head accident will make me stupid. Uh oh. That's the last thing I need.


By Cmingo

Busy weekend = no time for studies

My sister has left. To UK. Sheffield.


My cousins came on Friday to stay for a few days and send my sis off... So technically I did not open a single textbook this weekend.

Yes, although my trials are this Friday, I'm on that relaxed mood again.

So, I finally watched 'So Close'. Not bad. Shu Qi looks good. Zhao Wei is adorable. Karen Mok...has long hair. But I personally won't rate it in a Top Five of the year. There were better movies.

Which reminds me that 2003 will be a great year for movies.

But anyway, the highlight of my weekend was..

Here I was on Saturday, just reached the airport, and getting ready to unload my sister's luggage and all but we travelled in two cars so the car I was in did not contain any luggage. However, my cousin and I took a look after we parked. So when he opened the boot of the Honda Odyssey, I peeked my head in. BUT, he did not notice my little head there peeking in. So.... BAM! CRASH! BANG! BOOM! WHISH! TOK TOK TOK! BABOOM!....... nah, it was basically just a BONG.

A loud BONG where the items that made the sound were...
a) a car boot lid
b) a head

As I stumble on dizzily clutching my head, the pain started to rise. It came as those little waves that get stronger if you just stay still and don't move an inch. So anyway, to make matters worse, I felt something warm. Yes, blood. So on the day that everyone were supposed to be teary and say their goodbyes, here I was having a bleeding head. What a party pooper.

It wasn't exactly bleeding in torrents but it came from a small huge cut on the scalp. The scary part of it was that I could actually feel the depth of the cut using my fingers without feeling extreme volumes of pain. AND it was deep, like those made when you chop a tree and you leave that little triangle shaped gap. Relatively speaking, of course.

So I kept on thinking about blood clots in my brain for no sudden apparent reason and I imagined me dying and the last thing that I did was pooped everyone's party. Grrr. And if I died, everyone would say, "Argh, here he goes again! Little bugger!". Haha. That would be very, very sad.

Ok, enough of my ramblings.
My mom just came into the room telling me that my sister called; she's already in Sheffield! That's good news. Hope life for her would be great! Can't wait to web conference!

Ok, goodbye. Btw, I love comments.


By Cmingo

Wee, I'm still sick

IQ test. (Warning: Only if you have excessive free time and do not have poor patience)

Hmm, I took the 'Ultimate IQ test' and got a 137. That's not bad I think, 1 out of every 100 people is expected to get that score. Can't wait to try the other tests but too time-consuming.

Anyway, check it out if you want and remember to post your score in the comments for this post! Share, share! =)

Oh, I have fish tanks in my home now or are they called aquariums? Two of 'em with 8 flowerhorns. What's so nice about a flowerhorn anyway? Looks like a 'longkang' fish...not that I've seen any longkang fish before but...
Anyway, the fishes are supposed to have a bumpy head or something. And, some Chinese words on their bodies. I wonder how much I can sell it for if it turns out to say some old Chinese proverb. Ooo. I can't wait till it grows because seriously it does not look impressive at all now... Should get some piranhas the next time around.

Oh btw, does anyone know how to fix a motherboard fan that always gets loose? It's making some rattling sound even after some tightening..

Btw, are capsules really meant to be swallowed? It's made of plastic! I have no idea how anyone can swallow that. I actually open it, pour out the powder, mix it with the cough mixture and in one gulp swallow everything. Yup, it's gross but I have swallow-phobia. Still thinking on ways to cure it.

I wonder if I've ever gotten a mouth ulcer in my life. What does it look like? A boil, a little bump, a patch? I seriously don't remember getting any. Or maybe I did but I had never regarded it as an ulcer. Shrug.

Anyway, my sister is leaving this Saturday. Well, hopefully, all things will turn out well and she'll leave happily.


By Cmingo

Wow, I'm happy

Comments from the previous post.

Some guy named Meng fired me saying I was a bigheaded braggart :P. But beneath it all, I actually feel happy because people do read my site and is willing enough to comment! Haha. Ok, I'm weird.

Anyway, to clarify some stuff, better stop debating with KW because things are getting out of hand and readers are getting more and more confused! Anyway, "Hey, you're gay!" does not mean you are homosexual. It means I'm trying to be funny and am joking around with you. After all, friends have times when they insult each other for the humour.
Check out Chwan Ren's first post. He said, "I'm even jealous of Chia Ming, how gay can that be?"

Okay, does he mean that people who envy me are homosexuals? Erm, I highly doubt that. It's just a way to show unfavourness. Nvm, figure it out yourself.

Also, most people think that because I post about people being fake accidentally sometimes, it shows that I'm a fake boy. Nah, not really. Read thru everything before you claim something.
And, about my 'freedom of speech', it was totally unrelated with the debate. Quoted, "That's it for the debate. I'll say something before I stop this blog."

Meng seriously thinks I put on a fake appearance and gave me a lecture on how to be myself. Hmm, I don't need it because honestly speaking, the issue of being fake has never ever been a problem with me until I entered Taylor's College and got to know people who do face this problem. It was only then that I thought about why people fake and published my opinions.

And, when I said that "IF what you say might seriously hurt someone, a stranger, to the extent of heartbreak, suicide, etc, will you still continue on?", it does not mean that I have every right to be rude but no one else can be. Why? Because when I was being rude, it was to a friend whom I've constantly joked around and insult with and vice versa. IF somehow, I've offended those non-fakers readers, it won't make a difference would it? Because that 'golongan' of people will definately not mind what I say and after all my experience with Ka Wing, they really are very open-minded. If they do mind, I doubt they will call anyone a bigheaded braggart when expressing their opinions.

So tell me who I've offended and in what way, then if I know that somehow I've slipped, then I will feel sorry, guilty, and will be willing to apologize because I will not stand stubborn and admit it wasn't my fault(not anymore).
Okay then, on to happier things, I fell sick.

In the middle of the night, I woke up coughing with every breath that I thought could be my very last. My whole chest shook with each cough and I truly thought my lungs will fly out of my throat. Blah, now I have to swallow capsules! Shit.

Okay, a lot of readers are starting to hate me. Damn, I hate discussing those controversial issues because emotions rise up and people start arguing with each other. And things get worse when no one helps you. Blah.

Oh yeah, about me being short, no, I don't really feel insulted about it but I did joke that I was once.
Note: if there's a =P or a :) after every statement that claims I'm offended, then you must know that it is a joke. Thanks!
Argh! She think's I'm short! =P
is different from..
Argh! That Meng thinks I'm a homosexual!


By Cmingo

Third speaker says...

Firstly, I have to say I wasn't really surprised that he will rebutt vs my 'being fake' blog.

Secondly, I'm afraid you got most of it wrong, sorry.

"take chia ming for example.... he is blogging this to release his anger as he feels that i
had insulted him in my previous blog....
well... if you think that one should fake to be accepted or to make the people around you happy,
then why are you writing this? wouldn't you cause tension with the minor few??"

Because I SAID that we fake most of the time accidentally or naturally. If I seriously care about every minor detail, I wouldn't even have a blog.

"and you said that you are those type who takes in consideration about what other people feels...
well.... if this is the case.... are you not selfish and greedy and care about yourself only?
and don't tell me its self defense and retaliating for your rights..that is a whole different topic
(as for me.... i dont care what others think about me... thats why i am retaliating his blog )
are you not contradicting yourself?"

Question: If I take in consideration about what other people feel, how does that make me selfish and greedy and care for myself only?
Also, don't get the self defense and rights part, please explain again. Sorry. And where was my contradiction?

"i treat them(teachers) good if i like them.... and the otherwise if they pissed me off before
well.. selfish and greedy is some sort.... human....
you will treat someone better if you want something from them...."

Well, no offense, but if you treat teachers good if you like them but not if they pissed you off, does that not make you lack manners? Imagine every student adapting this behaviour. Where will respect be?

. I never said results, I said favours. Favours are like maybe asking them to help you with a question or something.

Then you said, "i don't deny that i put on a smiling face when i want teachers to help me...
otherwise who would help you?"
. Okay, so now you do admit that sometimes, although you may not like the teacher, you will put on a smiling face for them to help you? OR does it mean that you never ask anything from teachers that you don't like, those whom you will never normally smile to so as to avoid being fake? Hmm, so if you hate (example)your Maths Two teacher, you'll never ask her to help you with a question or smile at her? Oh okay.

"my point is.... do things to your comfort.... as in..... i put on a smiling face to get something
i want..... and that is comfort"

So now smiling at a teacher you dislike is comfort? Hmm.

"doing things to others
concern is also good... that way... you wont have so many enemies.... "

I don't do things for others in order for them to be my friend or not be my enemy. I do things because if something does not trouble you at all or just so very slightly but makes other people happy, why NOT? Tell me, is it wrong to sacrifice something smallllllllll but see something big happen in some other people's life? But of course, if a red-haired stranger don't like your hair and you dye it, that does not bring you anywhere because so what if he's gaining 2 seconds of satisfaction for something 6 months on your head? Get it?

"chia ming is one who cares what an unknown stranger thinks bout him
silly isn't it? making your life difficult..."

Do I? Perhaps when I was younger, erm, Form 1? But not anymore I'm sure. You should know, you had a strong influence what with your confidence and all.

"okay... to be honest.. not insulting you...... ( both you and i knows.... and i think the whole
class too ) that you are quite lazy and maybe like you said it ... lots of teachers hate you..
except smiley john.......
then.... if you are strong with your debate on .... 'ONE SHOULD FAKE'
then... why are you not faking or taking consideration how the teachers feels when you are lazy?
then again...... are you not contradicting yourself???/"

Okay, question again: How did I say one SHOULD fake? Nope, don't think so.

AND, was I ever proud of my laziness? Did I flaunt it? Maybe as a little joke but it's nothing to be proud of, you know. And when you said, "are you not contradicting yourself?", it sounds as if you're working very hard to prove that I'm not fake! Heh, now that would be something funny. Debating till we don't know whether we're opposing or supporting.
"are you one who place other people's comfort than your own??
ask yourself..."

Are you trying to prove that I don't? Well, at least I know that I try and even if sometimes it doesn't happen, I did try.

"what i meant was.... ignore what strangers think about you......
but take in consideration about people by your side..."

Yep, agreed that was what you said but don't worry I went off to a new topic by myself :P

BTW, the Triple C story. Obviously, I was joking right? I'm sure your gf wouldn't believe that you made orc grunt noises right? Also, it was the first time I insulted you in written text, so if you were very offended by it till you had to prove your point in your blog, then I apologize because well, I didn't know you would be. After all, we've been trading oral insults for so long now that I thought it was okay :). Apparently not. Sorry.

Okay, anyway, suddenly thought of something. Are friends important?

Yes. So are they in the category of people whom you should take consideration of what they think? Yes? Or no?

If it's a yes, then are you one who thinks that if your friend don't accept you for who you are, they're better off not as your friend, or simply put, 'I don't care what they think!'?
If you answered yes again, that would be a contradiction now wouldn't it?

I'm not saying that I fake in front of my friends, because I don't UNLESS I'm DEEPLY forced to. If it's a slight offense but it's my character(example: talkative), I'll show it to them a little concerned about their opinion. And if it does not pain me to change for the better, I will.

Man, I seriously always talk way off the point :) Actually, I have plenty more to say but... can't remember them. Haha.

That's it for the debate. I'll say something before I stop this blog.

Freedom of speech. If you think you have a right to talk about everything, and that no one has a right to stop you, then I just wanna let you know that I'm a little different. IF what you say might seriously hurt someone, a stranger, to the extent of heartbreak, suicide, etc, will you still continue on? You mean you actually have the heart to still practice your freedom of speech knowing what you are about to do? Or a, "I DON't CARE WHAT HAPPENS, I dunno them also!"

Also, Malaysia is known to bar freedom of speech among it's people. True, it might be a little over the board for some people. But I look at it this way, if what our government did can prevent us from becoming another Indonesia, then where's the harm? You do not want to live your lives not knowing whether or not you'll come home safely, do you? Radical thinking when uncontrolled might do that to Malaysia. First, they scream and scream and when the country gets destroyed in the next 20 years, tell me then, who will weep the tears and who will remember that Malaysia was once a country where everyone was happy? It might have had limited freedom of speech, but was anyone ever killed because they received pensions? Was anyone's family ever ripped apart because they worked in a post office? Appreciate your peace now. If truely what our government is doing can give us peace as compared to almost devastated countries like Indonesia who is slowly recuperating now, then I will embrace it.

Oh, don't sue me or anything please =P.


By Cmingo

I've noticed something significant

Perhaps it was the way I was cooped up in one and only school for my primary and secondary years. SriKL, a supposedly rich brats school :(.

Back in SriKL, I used to think that Malaysians are very peaceful people relative to the United States or any European country for that matter because most, and very close to all of us came from good homes. People in SriKL, their lives were healthy and it made me feel that there are no broken families in Malaysia at all. It was close to utopia.

As the little frog that I am came out from my coconut shell and into Taylor's, a watermelon bush, I see that there really are thorns in my country. It used to be a myth only told to SriKL primary children to scare them, but now it's all so real.

We see the world as it really is, because now we know how things really are. I appreciate my family and life now very much because there are more miserable people than me who came from weaker families. I have to open my eyes a little wider to absorb reality and not shut them and continue on lying to myself. I am very lucky, I know, and to think that I was under-exposed all this while is very irritating.

Hopefully it's not too late to gain the necessary knowledge regarding the way life really is and how people really are.


By Cmingo

Being yourself?

As we grow, we change from a naive kid of ignorance to a depressed teen with consciousness. It's true, being a teenager results in you being more concerned about your appearance, your clothes, your behaviour, your character, and your popularity.

Surely everyone, regardless of their individuality now, must have been at one point of their life worried about their pimples, or their stunted feet, or their position in the social ladder. Then when we supposedly 'mature' into another stage of life, a minor few decides that this attitude is unacceptable and is devastating only to oneself. However, some, or rather most of us maintain the idea that acceptance requires having an impressive appearance/character.

But my point here is somewhat unrelated. That is no matter how hard we try, we will still look at other people's opinions on us.

Why? Because it's human nature. To be respected, we must have characteristics that are positive.

Ka Wing says, you only have to prove something to people who are constantly in your life or is special to you.

Is your teacher a revolving figure in your life? Must you prove anything to her? No, she'll only be there what, a year?
But why is it you don't mind having a good impression on her? Because humans are selfish and greedy. We know that if the teacher has a good impression on us, we might get better favours. If you are a lazy fool, you obviously try to pretend to her that you're not(however hard that may be). So unfortunately, without knowing it, we have ...faked.

Ok, most of what I've just said don't make much sense but the bottom line is this, everyone fakes without themselves knowing it. It's bad in a way but things occur out of your hand. And the worse thing is... for example, you fake in front of your teacher but you don't fake in front of a red-haired stranger. Does that not make you more selfish than those who care what the world thinks because they will rather place other people's comfort rather than their own?

Omigoodness, seriously, I'm talking very very funnily today. No sense whatsoever.

So I'm not actually saying that I always place every other people above me but just that you have to consider a few things first beforehand.

If you think your friend is not a friend because he/she doesn't accept you for who you are, look at it this way. If your friends have a characteristic that you dislike very much, let's say... talkative.., sooner or later you'll get irritated.

If you keep quiet about his talkativeness and bear it, you're being a fake.
If you tell him that it's irritating, OBVIOUSLY your friend knowing that you dislike it, will reduce it for you. If he doesn't, he's a lousy friend right? If he does, is it consider being fake now? I am confused.

Also, how much is too much when you look at it?

You like to fart in public but you don't because people don't like it right? Are you not a fake as well? You say farting is too much... but still are you not being yourself? It is because farting is too rude but still you are you. So every little inch of pretending fact still pretending.

Ok, time to stop talking nonsensical stuff. Going to get a lot of people angry at me but hey, I don't care because them angry at me is because they don't listen to opinions. That's a totally different category now, so .. I'm not a fake! Haha. But I naturally still do without me noticing it.

Argh, long-windedness! This is a boring post! And stupid too!


By Cmingo

This is a post.



By Cmingo

Grr, some people...

For all his talks of, 'I'm not siu hei', he sure rebutts strongly. =P

Notice that about Ka Wing. He can't really take insults. Haha. That line's gonna throw him off his chair.

"oh... and lemme just put it this way.. all those chia ming bragging about how cool he was...
was really just ka wing... ka wing was the one who was cool and calm all the time...
while cm was panicking and kept damn quiet... like some timid doormouse..
not wanting to poke his nose into MANLY matters...

anyway ... cm, no offence.... just straigtening things up abit... "

Ooosh! Timid doormouse, he calls me! Yeah, just because I did not want to interrupt you because I have no intention whatsoever of stopping your talk and thus possibly embarrasing you, I'm now branded as a lousy nose poker of manly matters. Hahhaha. Snigger. Nevermind, the friendly insults are quite funny at times.

Time to get serious though. Ben's feeling pretty sad. Have weird conceptions on what people think and most of them untrue. Anyway, the Yar Li thing was probably my fault cause I sort of blurted out that you were in the library and now I have a ton of guilt resting on my shoulder(s).

Yes, I've just realised my Chemistry teacher, Mrs.Boon hates me too! Haha, nah, she doesn't hate me. She just wants me to work harder in her class. Nothing like the spite that my ESL teacher has towards me. Also, my Maths 1 teacher? Yeah, she seriously beginning to dislike me. Must be the studying habits.

I love my Physics teacher! He doesn't hate me! Haha. My Maths 2 teacher's not that bad too and she insults me once in a while but hey, that's okay! Haha.

Yay, I have one mp3 on my new pc! Mariah Carey - Always be my baby.

You'll always be a part of mine, I'm part of you definately,
Boy don't you know you can't escape me, Ooo, darling cuz you'll always be my baby,

Sigh, guess what?

CM's current life: Father's angry at me, sister who's leaving for UK next week is angry at me, gf is angry a little at me.

In a way, I resemble Ben because for us, other ppl's impressions on us are very important and so we are very shy people. We don't really speak out our minds although we think a lot and will rather do something more tedious as long as it's not embarrassing.

I have this fear of being boycotted by people and now, getting three people who are constantly in my life angry at me is just...bleagh.

So now I should..let my dad know that I'm not irresponsible, let my sister know that I'm not disrespectful, and let my dear know that I love her and please let's reduce the tension.


JUST AS I FINISHED TYPING THE word tension, a baby COCKROACH crawled out from under my keyboard! I saw it, plucked up courage, and flicked it away. And guess what? It flew. And landed on my arm. *faint* Lucky thing I shooed it away. Now it's gone.

In case, you didn't know, I hate cockroaches. Well, afraid of is more of a likely term to use but nevermind.



By Cmingo


Just remembered something hilarious.

Have you watched Lilo and Stitch? Remember the part where Stitch asks his creator to help rescue Lilo? Haha, he just said like one or two lines and his creator agreed, saying,

"He's very persuasive."

Haha, that was funny. Especially with the look on his face when he said that. Hahahaha. I love that movie. Also, I like Mariah Carey's 'Always be my baby'. Nice!


By Cmingo

Why were my last two posts so lame?

Hmm, I'm resorting to writing stupid things again. Wait, I've always wrote stupid things. Ok, in that case, it's okay, go on reading.


By Cmingo

I hate being short

...pleted in the next post.

Sigh, I think I'm so funny. My jokes are so lame! Help! Wait, now that I think deeply about the matter, no one laughs at my jokes! Ok, better get the hint. I'll be serious from today onwards. No more stupid and corny remarks like 'Ka Wing sux' or 'Nicholas is gay'. Instead, 'Chia Ming is sexy'. Yeah, that sounds good when you roll your tongue to pronounce it. Come along now, let's all say it together in unison. ''

One more time.. ''

Ok, do this 3 times a day twice a day after every meal and in no time at all, you'll be a proud admirer of sexiness!! Haha.


By Cmingo

Damn, I'm short

Argh! How insulting!

Quoted: "I read Chia Meng’s site just now… about what had happened between him, ka wing and the man at the cafĂ©. He mentioned there were 2 tall and handsome guys. One of the guys named Ka Wing. I wonder who’s the other TALL and handsome guy."

Argh! How insulting! And my name wasn't even spelt correctly! How insulting is that? =P

No one spells my name correctly! Grr. It's a Ming, not a Meng. Why do people always think it's a Meng? Meng is gay =P. Ming is sexy. Those with Ming are always sexy. Like the 4th Emperor of China's nephew's cousin's gardener, Zhang Ming, who was a damn chun general. Or One Eyed Ming the Rebeller, who during the revolutions, was the leader of the rebellion and was respected by thousands. Or St.Ming the Slayer, who killed the dragon and got the maiden. Shit, I'm lame. WHY??

Anyway I'm in trouble again. Need some inspiration to design some stuff. And I'm suffering from a creative block of some sort. No more flowing creativity. Help.

It's 1:28 AM. I want to sleep. Fine, I'll do my work tomorrow. I love procrastinating because I...

I'll finish that sentence tomorrow. In fact, I love procrastinating so much that I'll leave this blog to be com...

**post edited on 11:46 PM, 17th September 2002: After a re-read, some lines were actually found to be unreasonable. Therefore, the change.


By Cmingo

Silly comments server

Okay, bet you clicked on several 'Debug' messages on the way here but nevermind.

Something funny+interesting happened today. :)

Haha. It involves me, Ka Wing, Mashi Maru, Prince Arthas, and a cyber-cafe cashier.

One day, two young men, tall, handsome, distinguished, and full of promises walked along a road. The first guy, let's call him KW, told the second guy, CM, "Hey, I think you're smart."

A brief silence and CM responds. "Nope. Not really."



... A bird chirps.

"So...where do you want to eat today?", KW asks after that momentary pause.

"Let's go McDs. I want to buy something.", CM says.

"What? Buy what? Huh? Huh?"



So the two men continued on their journey.

"WOwee! JUST LOOK at that line! I'm not going in there. I'm impatient and I hate lining up. DUHHH.", KW as usual speaks his mind.

"Sheesh, fine. Then let's ..."

"GO WARCRAFT! YAy, YAY!". KW proceeds to make noises like an orc grunt.


"I WANT! I WANT! WAR3! WAR3!". His eyes start getting really wild and he was having some form of a seizure.

"OK, fine."

Half an hour later....

"Eh, send your grunts and help me, I'm dying! Shit. I suck.", KW complains.

"Wha? Grr, fine."

KW and CM then proceeds to win the game.(note: map settings were set to 'always visible'. HOW lame is that??)

"Hey, look, the power supply is cut off. But our pcs are still on. Haha."

"Yeah, damn interesting."

After a while, KW and CM, seeing that its 11.45, decides to log off.

"Well, I hope we get to buy something to eat, you fool. I hate being late for English. As you know, my teacher hates me.", says CM in a very profound tone.

"Yeahlar...hmm, what's with the line at the counter?"

CM shrugs.

As the two of them approach the counter, they noticed that the only man who was working there at that time was busy with some electrical switches. A few customers were waiting in line to settle their bill.

"Hmm, shit, this sucks. Nevermind, wait a while first.", KW says.

Time goes on... the cyber-cafe-cashier, cCc, or Triple C was still busy with electrical switches. He mumbles to himself, being very proficient at that particular moment in being ignorant of the world around him. He never even bothers explaining to his customers what the problem was. I'll just let them wait, cause I think I'm so smart.

At this time, CM who was being very quiet, was observing KW.

He seemed to have changed from the bubbly self that he previously was to a very silent and moody character.

KW turns to face CM, "If the man does not settle the bills soon, 'consumer rights' are going to come into the show." A couple of veins were showing.

Hmm, CM thought, KW seriously looks a little angry. That's funny. CM chuckles to himself. KW gives a slight grunt.

Ok, first approach by KW.

"Excuse me, why don't you count our bills first?"

"Huh?" He looks up. "CANNOT lar, where can? See, the power also don't have.". He points at the cashier pc, trying to prove his point with that blank monitor.

Note: the atmosphere was okay at this time, no bad vibes floating around as of yet.

"You have some written receipts over there. Why don't you use them first?"

Triple C grumbles. He hastily tries to scan over the receipts, but after a while stops and continues on checking the power supply.

Roughly about 3 minutes later, KW lost his cool(or whatever it was that he had).

"EXCUSE ME, DO you know that I have consumer rights or not? How long have we waited here? WHY DON'T YOU calculate our bills first? IT's not our fault at all but yours and now you're not fulfilling my consumer rights. Can you kiss my ass?..

Haha, just joking, obviously he didn't say that. Haha, I'm so farnee. Ok, back to the story.

"...consumer rights. Can you please use your receipts and calculate now?"

"BUT how I know what time you came in. OH, OKAY OKAY, FINE. 3 bucks then enough lar."

HAH. This is where CM comes in.

"What? 3? How much is it for an hour here?"

"2.50 but we have a minimum charge of 2 bucks."

KW raises his voice, "2.50 and you charge us 3 buckaroos. DAMN kau smart right you?"
Ah, something unexpected. Triple C lost his cool(or whatever it was that he had) as well.

"WHAT? WHAT YOU WANT ME to do now? HAR??". He slams his calculator on the table.

KW was still quite cool(or whatever it is). "You can count out our proper times and charge us based on that. Not 3 dollars."

Triple C looks at KW but seeing his muscular friend CM just hovering around, he decides not to pursue his stubbornness. With a grumble, he scans through the receipts strewn on his table.

As he is doing that, KW gives a lecture.

"In the first place, it's not our fault. You even stopped people from playing because of the power cut. You couldn't fix the problem but you want to charge us 3 dollars. How can you do this when it's not our fault? Calculate out the times properly and we'll pay you accordingly. We know our rights."

NOTE: the underlined words were those that KW spoke with a very emphasized accent. Yes, trying to twist those words into a British or American or Australian slang. CM was curious as to where the slang came from but KW later admitted that he did that on purpose for a reason that will not be disclosed here.

The guy calculates. "42 minutes."

What? So he expects us to pay him 42 minutes?, CM thought.

"How much is it?", KW asks.

The man calculates..."1.72123123123123124185619237861947"

"Nevermind, I'll pay you 2 dollars.", KW says and hands him a 5 dollar bill.

(oh, cool part.)"Okay, now I want my change back.", KW says with a cold tone.

Triple C hands him the change and says,"So? Puas hati or not you? PUAS HATI?"

"Yes, I'm puas hati. I just don't like you charging us 3 dollars like that."

"So now okay? You PUAS HATI OR NOT?"

"Yes. Just don't charge like that when it's not even our fault."

KW takes a few steps towards the exit.

CM took out a 2-dollar bill and puts in on the table. In an attempt to look cool, he nods at the money and then at Triple C as though telephatically saying, I came at the same time so it should be the same unless you want to cheat me. Don't mess with me, I'm damn cool.

CM takes a few steps towards the exit.

They both walk out.

"Woah, KW, quite cool huh you? Hahahaha."


Woah, wth? Nevermind...

They both walked back to college. Even though they were already late, they stopped at McDs. Haha. Oops, the narrator can't laugh. Sorry.

The End.

Aww, what a beautiful story. Haha. Days like this are fun.


By Cmingo

Asia Argento has funny teeth

xXx is a funny movie. A stereotypical good-guy-wins-all-and-gets-a-chick-somewhere-along-the-lines movie. Samuel L was pretty dumb in the movie. Asia Argento has a nice name but funny teeth and man, is she thin or what?

Just a random thought: How is it that when the bad guy fires at the good guy, spraying him with bullets from a helicopter, only the ground nearby suffers? And when the good guy so simply shoots a couple into the direction of the bad guy, he gets shot immediately? *shakes head* I know, I know, it has been around for so long now but shouldn't modern movies do something about that idea? Also, how in the world does he get such elevation from his motorbike? He flies what, 20 feet into the air by just lifting his bike up? And..during the avalance, how did he manage to get the perfect projectile launch to hang on the radio tower? Wow, a bar five inches wide and he manages to hook himself on it travelling at a speed faster than a tumbling avalanche. Ah, and the chunks of ice which were so evident just decided to miss him while he was hanging helplessly. Weee.

But it's just an action movie. And if we were realistic in making movies, it wouldn't be entertainment now would it?

Oh, let's talk about my English teacher again. She really screwed up my viva. I don't believe it. I've heard that the viva was easy and the teachers guide you through it. Since it's recorded and all, they actually take the effort to do hand signals. My teacher was evil I know but I actually heard ok-ok comments about her claiming she wasn't so evil during the viva. David, a classmate of mine, told me that our sarcastic teacher actually smiled at him throughout the thing(btw, I'm the only who noticed it: my teacher loves David in a very peculiar sort of way). The teachers all want their student to do well, droping hints to them if they can.

She hates me. Serious.

First, I step into the room. She never looks up, and never says a thing. I sit down, wishing her a very good morning. Keep in mind she's still not looking at me.

Then she speaks.

"Why did you not hand in your essay? You could have done it in class."
"I..I..couldn't finish."(Ok, I was lazy! But that's no reason to treat me any different during the viva)
"It's not a matter of finishing it or not. You did not hand it in at all. I'm going to have to mark you as absent."
"Er..but..I..."(My mind got a little frenzied up. Absent for almost a week! Crap!)

So here I was worrying about my absentism when she suddenly switched on the recorder and said,

"Good morning, Chia Ming."
Huh? What? Oh..
"Go..Good morning, Miss Ng."
"Tell me Chia Ming, what has been your greatest achievement in your life?"

Gulp. My mind goes blank. And I tried to answer it as well as I could.

" don't believe that I have had any one great achievement. Nothing that I've done can be considered very successful in my opinion and I don't find myself a successful individual."

Phew, not bad. Humble!

"I DID not ask you whether you think you were a successful individual or not. What has been your greatest achievement?"

*Japanese sweat drop + falling* Ouch. Painful.

"Erm, erm" I was pretty messed up because I feel that she's really making this very tough for me. Mind goes blank again."Erm, none really, I think."

She grumbles. FOR THE first time, she looks up. Then with a very distasteful look and a twinge of her mouth,

"OK FINE, what has been your greatest disappointment then?"

Wth? What's with the negativity?

So blah..blah..blah, the "warming-up" session goes on.

"So Chia Ming, what theme did you study?"
"Erm, for the women issues, the rising rate of women criminals."
She looks up. "OK, SO YOUR THEME IS women issues."
"Erm, huh? Oh, yeah yeah. Women issues"
"OK, and the other one?"
Ok, don't blame me if I'm a little wary now. But I was SMART!
"Er..the environment?"

No rude remarks. She just continues jotting down. YES, I did something right! Haha, take that!!! Okay, calm down.

Ok, so anyway this goes on and on and on. All the while, she rarely looks up but when she does, it's to show her already very obvious mood of disgust. Her sarcasm was definately there throughout the entire thing. AND, I'm seriously not sure whether she does this to other students but she actually said, "I DO NOT understand, damn it." Ok fine, there was no damn it but I could seriously feel she was about to curse at me. "I don't understand what you are trying to say. Can you please repeat it?" THREE TIMES she said that. Wth? So you trying to mess me up? Grrr. Stop picking on me just because I come late a little not so early for your class. ARGH! She's all out to ruin me. I can feel it deep down in my veins. She won't rest till there is no more hope for my English grades.

Ok fine, so I might have exaggerated but hey, you have no idea whatsoever. She seriously hates me.

Hmph. Oh yeah, something very funny happened on that same day. I had to meet her after school to collect something. So I had to wait a little while. And guess where I had to wait. THE same discussion room where I took my viva. And I was all alone! At first there was a friend but she had to go and in fact, she sniggered at me knowing that I'll have to face Ms.Sarcasm all alone! The cruelty! So I waited alone...Man, was the room silent or what? The tension was there I could feel it. I was actually planning to initiate some friendly teacher-student conversation but I was quite afraid she'll glare at me with her shut-up-or-I'll-insult-you look. So it was a full FIFTEEN minutes! And all the while it was quite scary because she was making some funny leg movements, hehe.

Hey, if you're from the Taylors management, don't fire her okay! Haha, she doesn't mean it, I'm sure. It's just her 'style'. Okay, so make sure you don't kick her out of this job just because she treats me evilly, offer responds that are insulting and sarcastic, fearful, sadistic, is making attempts to fail me, very unfair in her actions and ..hmm, you know what, just do what you wish. Haha.
Nah, I'm serious. Don't fire her.

Okay, that's all for my bloggin' today. You know, I think I will shut down Rara Avis soon if it comes to an extent where I find that I'm getting so boring that no one wants to read anymore. Wait, you are already finding it so boring and you don't want to read it anymore. Hmm. In that case, visit everyday.


By Cmingo

Hello, I don't like the Siemens S35

Go read Wing + Yen. How sweet. Aww. Very funny though.

I read the '31st December Part 2' entry at the same time as Ka Wing and guess what he was doing. Giggling, laughing, and whacking his forehead. He had a little blush on his cheeks too. Haha. He was very happy. How sweet.

I had no idea btw, that we're in the Ghost Season. That's a good thing. So I won't feel afraid when I'm alone at night on a night which is like every other night just because it's the Ghost Season(blah). Ignorance is bliss.

Ah, what do you do when a 200,000kg asteroid is heading towards Earth at 15,000Km/Sec? Will you:
A) Divert it using an electric field?
B) Blow it up with a nuclear bomb?
C) Change it's path so that it misses Earth?
D) Land it on the moon so you can harvest its resources?(10% Gold)

Now, A, B and C sounds logical. D is dumb. Which is most probably why I went with that. Stupid notions of trying to be unique and different from other groups. It's like everyone's jumping from the firepan into the fire but you are trying to be unique, so you take off your clothes, get first degree burns, incinerate your skin, climbing up and jumping off a high altitude several times crashing onto the firepan, then jumping into the fire. Unique. Bah.

Our group is stupid. We're gonna fail this.

I love writing long posts. You know why? Because I love reading long posts. So, it's only fair that I do unto others what I want others to do unto me.

Let's talk about my fav subject, ESL-English as a Second Language. I have something on tomorrow. A Viva. I have no idea what a Viva is but you're supposed to be talking to your teacher personally one-on-one. Somehow, I feel very insecure after knowing that. She's going to ruin me, I'm sure of it. She hates me! Why? Because I come late for her classes! Hey, I can't help that okay, although I've tried waking up earlier. But how can anyone wake up before 7? Gak!

Oh, just read Wing + Yen again. What a sweet 6-months anniversary.. Sigh. I seriously find being with your loved one under stars at night very romantic. Really want to do that one day. Just have dinner with my dear or just sit on a grassy hill with sweet-smelling flowers or lying down in a meadow field and looking up at the stars blinking back. I really, really, really, really, really want to. Thinking about it just made me feel mushy. Sigh.

(A moment of silence)

I seriously need a hug now.

Sigh, being emotional is bad for my health.

You know, sometimes, I find myself... very ugly. Haha. Disgusting and horrible. Freaky. No one dares touch me or they'll suffer some incurable disease. Totally very low in confidence of myself. Most importantly, I feel very unimportant. I'm never on anyone's priority list. Never on anyone's mind. Very insignificant in the world. No one cares at all. No one will ever sacrifice anything for me. Because I'll never be important enough in anyone's life.

Outcast of the society!

OK, let's not be all moody now. End this on a happy note!

If you think life is a cruel joke, look at it this way. God is a painter and our life is a painting. First the canvas is white, pure and innocent. As the painter paints, life begins. Sometimes the painter uses red, green, blue, yellow, all bright colours. Sometimes the painter uses grey and shades of dark colour. The ugly colours seem to come at the wrong places and you disagree with the painter's decisions but wait, the picture is not completed. Only when the art is finished, you can see the beauty of it all. The blending of colours and the balance of bright and dark will truly create the greatest art ever. All with its perfect share of colours. The most beautiful painting in the world.

Wow, I talk a lot.


By Cmingo

What's with everyone????

Sigh, no one's blogging consistently anymore...Sniff.

Just me and myself now. Sigh.

Hello, Chia Ming. Back to self-humouring.


By Cmingo

Ah, it's scary!

I can actually run War3 at its highest resolution! AH!!! Help, help! This is freaking me out! (bleah)


By Cmingo

Wow, finally. And I love it.

Ladies and gentlemen, say Britney 2000.

Intel Pentium 4 2.0 Ghz
LCD ComeMon 17" Monitor(it's an inch and a half thick)
512mb DDR ram
Geforce 4 Ti4200 128mb ram
Super cool DVD-rom
Super cool CD-R burner
Super cool keyboard
Super cool network card
Super cool casing
Super duper cool motherboard
Labtec Pulse 424 Speakers
Audigy Platinum Creative Sound Blaster
The monitor is super cool. Oh, I can watch Astro on it too =P. With a remote control! Haha. And I'm pretty sure the Audigy Platinum sound card is one of the best in the world! Haha. I love making you jealous.

Wheee, super sexy system!! My audio/video configuration must be top of the line! Haha. I'm a happy boy.
Time to test games! Goodbye, jealous world. Oh and to make things worse, pictures coming soon!


By Cmingo

When depression sets in...

Hmm. Life. Lots of depression going around these days.

Cmingo's guide for depression reducing:

- Go humour yourself. If you think falling into a drain is funny, do just that.
- Read more Cmingo!
- Hang out with friends.
- Relax and enjoy yourself.
- Take some time off, and think. Think of why you are depressed then compare it to an Afghanistan child. If you still find your life more miserable, then skip this guide and continue reading more Cmingo.
- Get a Blogger account and keep an online journal.
- Eat an ice-cream.
- Eat onion rings.
- Look at yourself in the mirror... then smile.
- Apply some makeup(regardless of gender). Then, take some water, splash it across your face and mess your hair up. This is how you'll look if you commited suicide. So, don't do it.
- Eat a Ramlee burger(yum).
- Watch a movie. Preferably comedy.
- Read more Cmingo! He's funny.
- Do things that don't require action. Just mind-fulfilling.

Ok, that should do it. Follow those steps in order and you shall be cured of all depression! Hoho.

What the..? Two friends msged me.

Friend1:Hey, look behind you..erm nvm..

What is this? A conspiracy to scare me? Sheesh. But somehow I had the sudden tinge of curiousity and I actually took a peek behind. Twice. Grr.

Oh, there's a ping pong tournament in my club this Sunday. Haha. Gonna enter for fun. Yay, table tennis is fun.

Anyway, I wanted to point out something. I have evil sisters.

I've noticed that there are actually good sisters in this world. I actually grew up thinking that all sisters were evil. Lately, I've seen some good examples. Recently, I was playing basketball and in the same area, a sister was bringing her little brother out. Everytime the brother wanted to be a striker, she would be the keeper. When the brother wanted to keep goal, she would try her best to deliver her most powerful kick. For every laugh the brother gave, the sister just smiled knowing that she has cheered him up. Almost everyday they would be at the park because the brother loved to play outside. And why? Because the sister will want him to be happy. Sigh.

Maybe it's just me who's the evil brother? Snigger.

Yay, pictures time! I love pictures.

Smart pig. Haha.

Dumb pig. Haha.


By Cmingo

What do you do when you...
Have a Maths 2 common test tomorrow and you totally know nothing?

Go online and complain about it.

*Complain, complain, complain*

Ok, feel much better now, thanks for listening. *mutter, mutter*

Anyway, other than that, life's cool. But I hate this job...Millennium Court. Go check it out though, and if you have relatives or friends attending University Malaya next year, make sure they stay in this hostel.

What do you do when your computer downloads at 2k/sec?(Consistently, though. Oh well, at least it has something) Buy a new one, of course!
So what do you do to get the best deal? Wait for the prices to drop of course!

But, the rate of new technology being available on the market is directly proportional to the rate of the prices dropping. Therefore, it is safe to conclude that people who wish to have the latest technology but low prices for it(cheapskate = me) will never get to buy anything. It's an endless infinite loop of weak decision-making.

I want Streamyx! Now! Give it to me!!

Ok, time to post more pictures.

All mine on my bed! Clockwise from top left: Big Bivan, Lil' Piggy, Small Bivan, Droozy

Oh, speaking of pictures, that's one that I'll like you to have a look at. I went to Korea early this year, and there was this museum where I visited. I love snapping random pictures of totally useless things, and the museum had these little miniatures of people and villages and stuff like that. So take a look at this particular one.

At first glance...

Think it's nothing? Take another look.

Woah, see that in the circles?

Spooky. Where in the world did that image of a Korean man dressed up as a traditional villager come from? It's too big to be an exhibit and it's illogical that it's an actual human. I clearly don't remember any one dressed up like that. And, the 2nd circle, the one on the right, can you see a face of some sort? Ah...gulp.