hello. you aight?

By Cmingo

And for the first time in my life, I have no idea whether ...

or not the movie that I've just watched is good or shitty.

I really can't determine how much I like it. It's either a 2/10 or a 8/10. I'm confused.

Just in case you're wondering...

It's called Dead End.

It's about this family on their way for a christmas dinner and the father suddenly decides to take a shortcut and this leads to this scary shit desolated road with no one else around except for the constant-pop-up-from-nowhere lady in white carrying her dead baby. Shudder.

Thinking of it in that way scares me. But anyway, let's not digress.

Well, for a budget that is of very obvious low funding, I'll say at least they made do their best with what they had. The storyline wasn't too ugly either because there's actually that lil' twist at the end which was a little too predictable though and the actors weren't that outstanding either but the tricky bit is the part where I can't seem to determine whether I liked the show or not. Funnily enough, I know for a sure fact in me that I MUST either hate it or like it(no in-between). And yet I cannot figure out which. I don't even know my own emotions now. Wonderful.


By Cmingo

Of saddams and parents and claire danes.

Well, in their words, "Ladies and gentlemen, we got him".

Saddam finally getting caught does seem surreal, it tastes like an excerpt from a good war movie or some book where something nice must end the show i.e. bad guys losing, and good guys getting the chicks. But this smells funny. Mayhaps because it's real life and tyrants are not supposed to get caught this way. So I'm surprised really, that it came to this. A man, feared by millions for his genoicidal oppressive behaviour, surrounded and captured by the men who grew up learning that Saddams are evil; and yet in glimpses of his submission, a withered father who has lost both sons and a nation... a bedraggled unshaven men who but only wishes to cause no havoc in, as they put it, "resigning to his fate".

Something tells me that this is not the way things should work out. A nuclear holocaust that destroys Iraq, ok fine. Air strikes that take out half the city, sad but possible. Snipers working overtime to snipe anyone with a moustache in Iraq, bearable. Breaking his neck while running down the stairs, why not given the odds?

But cuffing him away from a cubicle from which he had been hiding. Sigh, just makes you doubt some of the complexities of life, doesn't it?

In a way perhaps, what I'm trying to put across is... It ended a lil' too .... simple.

On to lighter things.

Claire Danes is hot.

On to lighter-er things.

My parents, surprise me. Sometimes I wonder on the extent of my interaction with my parents. Sure we live in the same house and all but how much of a friend should a parent be?

I never do discuss my private matters with them nor do they interrogate me on my love life and its whereabouts(more accurately its existance). It was a good deal. A nice little balance. And whacowhalop termite ants from Bolivia, they decided to tip it suddenly to lean on their side.

Now they want to know more about me.

I'm not an effusively loving kinda guy. Nor do I promiscuously share my private matters as light banter over tea-time. So when they asked me about me and my ex, I was taken aback. A part of me wanted to keep it all in, a part of me wanted to tell them just so they would stop asking, and the other part of me was making good excuses for them to hear.

And what shook me then, was not the fact that they are asking me about my life but when my dad said, "So what ya want us to talk to you about then? We can't really discuss ur medical stuff with u." It came down on me. They are making efforts to be close to me.

I was tempted for a second there, to actually put down all the walls I hold up against for once and express that lil emotion I feel in me. I think it's called 'touched'. But, well, I did not. And the walls stood.

Sigh. Perhaps I should have had.


By Cmingo

Man, some ppl should be born women.

Drag queens scare me.



By Cmingo

So what is selflessness, so what is selfishness?

Why does a sefless person selflessly spread his love around? Because by performing his selfless acts, he makes the ppl around him happy. ANd this in turn makes him happy. He is selfless because he wants to be happy. THus he is selfish.

Selfless = Selfish.

Simply logic.

Does love(yes, the tragic topic to discuss again) include commitment and the destitution to spend eternity together? Is the willingness to bond forever with each other a part of love as how love is a part of life?

Where one exists, the other must and where one is not, the other ain't.

Most couples do not wish to think of the future that they might possibly share. Why? Is it the fear of commitment? Or more honestly, is it the fear of not having yet "ventured" the horizons?

True love, my friend, must include you being all out to share your life with another. Because after all, that is what love is all about. Undying compassionate fuzzy feelings. Key word: undying.

So when a man does not wish to see his future with a woman nor even contemplate any single slight idea of them lasting till death do them part, how can he say that he loves her? How then can he say that he truly, truly, truly LOVE her?

Bottom line here is, I believe that only those who wish to eternally spend their lives with each other are truly in love. OF course, I may be wrong, but I'll keep to this thought till someone or a twist of fate tell me otherwise.

Ah, 'forever', too strong a word.


By Cmingo

Is sex that important?

Let's say, the world changed overnight...

You now live in a world where ppl CANNOT have sex after they get married(for reasons otherwise not important in the context of the discussion).

However, take note that they can have sex BEFORE they get married.... THe question at hand is, will you now get married knowing full well what this implies?

Life, my friend, is not about sex. Marriage, my friend, is not about sex.

If so, what would you do given the case? Marry and live a life of celibacy? Would you, honestly, do that?

I think most ppl will say NO. BUT WHY NOT? IF getting married is not about having sex, then why did you answer no?

ONly two reasons:

1) Marriage IS about having sex, or at least it's one of the big determining factors.
2) Marriage IS about having sex, or at least it's one of the big determining factors.

If you had answered yes, I would still get married even if there's no sex.. then I applaud you.. for you are a true avatar of love.

Sigh. Ze beauty of life.


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Don't usually do this but...


What movie Do you Belong in?(many different outcomes!)
brought to you by Quizilla

Just damn gaya..


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Sometimes I feel like I've trusted you too well, sometimes I just feeeel like...

I don't like it when I've watched Survivor 1-6 like a devoted fan just to abandon Survivor 7 and later find out that it's actually one of the good ones that's a must watch. Sigh. Things like this remind me of luck+fate.

Anyway, speaking of luck, I've passed my summative exam. Can you believe it? Landed on the passing mark actually, lol. But still another fluke shot shot in the right angle at the right speed at the right moment. Wowee. I hope that doctors don't study like me. It's scary to know that the doctors out there know onli 65% of what they're doing... Gulp.

I was reading my blogs and I've came to the conclusion that.. I don't really have good proper gaya english. I think I'll just have to accept the fact that I just suck in linguistics(being a banana sux too). Sigh.

By the way, do you belif in 2nd chance love?(tune in next week)


By Cmingo

Why do ppl write viruses and worms anyway? Some ppl in this world should be shot.

I don't get it. Is it for the perverse pleasure of seeing someone in frustation and worry? Or self-gratification that you are able to do something to grab some attention. Fucked up people with their fucked up worms.

Just because you can do something doesn't mean you must.

I just want to do a flying kick to my cpu right now. It's irritating the hell out of me.

Anyway back on to happier topics. Love stories.

Once upon a time, there lived a man who loved a woman and then broke up with her. Damn sad story.

BUt the real question is: Why do ppl breakup? Is it the discovery that both of you share different views on how life should be run? Or the fact that none of you share any single set of similiar ambitions that drive us to pop the bubble? How about the finding out that she/he just don't seem to click with you now dat she's all possesive-crazy?

Instead of worrying on why ppl breakup, first you must understand what gave rise to the possibility of a "breaking up" in the first place... Ppl break up to split that bond they had, that special invisible thread of emotions that connects them. So the question that should be asked is.... WHy do ppl get together?

Ah, ze be-you-ty of life. Muaks.


By Cmingo

qwerty + asdf

Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.
Though wise men at their end know dark is right,
Because their words had forked no lightning they
Do not go gentle into that good night.

Good men, the last wave by, crying how bright
Their frail deeds might have danced in a green bay,
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight,
And learn, too late, they grieved it on its way,
Do not go gentle into that good night.

Grave men, near death, who see with blinding sight
Blind eyes could blaze like meteors and be gay,
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

And you, my father, there on the sad height,
Curse, bless me now with your fierce tears, I pray.
Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

- Dylan Thomas.


By Cmingo

If you were me and I were you, and you were I and me were you... would that mean that you = me?

Yo, add me in frienster!

Btw, dload this game called Gunbound. It's quite fun.. addictive too.. It's a turnbased Worms kinda shootout game... But instead of wiggly invertebrates you get to use cute little boys/girls with cute little caps and helmets with massively destructive ultra killing weapons. Cute!


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What the! Bitter?

A friend told me that my previous blog just sounds sooo bitter. Like I've been dumped and am complaining about it to the world. Angst of a jaded lover.

Well, obviously, that's not true. Just wanted to point that out.

Anyway, a 5 percentage exam is coming up soon. 5 percent is pretty small, but the question is, can I afford to fail this? No amount of studying at my rate is going to make me pass this one so it's either: 1) work extra hard and just try my best to rake in 1 or 2 percent 2) resign to fate and work harder for the next ones.

If only I had more interest in my studies. Sigh.

Admittedly though, things are getting better.. Finally lookin at more interesting stuff like pathology which in a way is also bad because it's new and foreign and tedious to study. I'm shyt at studying man... and Nigel also another one, damn hardworking in Ireland and all "3 hours a day is not enough"... =/

Oh, I feel like getting a pet soon. I saw a RM4.80 crab in midvalley the other day but paying 5 bux for a pet easily found in ur neighbourhood longkang just doesnt seem to be worth it.... Aih.... Maybe I can get something more exotic like a snake, spider or another iguana to mate with Tim's. A tarantula will be damn gaya I think.. Hmm. Or maybe I can just culture some bacteria... Some salmonella to put into ppl's food.

Okey dokey allidokey.


By Cmingo

Seriously, I find it pretty funny that

Any two ppl can love each other "4eva and eva" and upon their breakup, totally lose contact with each other for the rest of their lives. It's pretty amazing. Imagine sharing so much with a person, getting to know her so deep and her knowing you as much... Suddenly, breakup, and lose contact forever with no side making attempt to keep in touch. That can lead to two possibilites: love is easily forgotten, or... there never was true love. Since I don't believe that something as profound as sharing a love between two individuals can be easily tossed to the back of your head, I must give in to the 2nd possibility; that two ppl who can easily forget each other a day after the breakup were never truly... in love.

ANyway, I was having a theological discussion again with another semi-atheist friend(theology damn fun, can rack the mind)... In his point of view, there could be an afterlife, or there could not be an afterlife. But since basically nobody has return from the dead to report the incident, there is NO confirmed 100% proof that there is an afterlife, but neither of course is there proof of empty space to greet ur death. THerefore, he believes in EVERYTHING. THat anything is possible, and that he won't choose simply a single theory of life because nothing and everything can be true. Therefore, he will accept whatever that comes to meet him at his dying. If hell comes, so be it. Sounds like agnosticism(my top ten fav word) to me cept I wonder how other atheists ponder the afterlife.

Which actually prodded me to think, what if the devil is actually instilling this initiatives to think and doubt in us.. I think it's pretty effective because instead of using outside influences(ex: a man on the street shouting that there is no God), the devil is making ourselves doubt ourselves. He makes you think abstract stuff that ultimately deduce on the non-existance of God... this causes you to believe that what you're thinking is actually thought up BY yourself, thus seemingly the idea of no God actually came from no one's but ur own deduction after you've been thinking and thinking on the matter. SO the devil is smart cause that way it seems as though the idea of no GOD came from no one else... but you. And who else will you trust.. but yourself?

tiny voice: I don't get it!

I seriously have no idea how to phrase what I really want to convey here... I'm stuck without words to explain. ARGH! I sound stupid.

IF man had no eyes, will he be blind?

IF man had no legs, will he be crippled?

IF man had no heart, will he be cold?


By Cmingo

Freaked-up fingers

No idea why but my fingers are suddenly swollen. Yeah, probably some allergy to the foosball rods. My fingers now look so fat and cute. But it's pretty sensitive and it itches as well. Argh.

Anyway, went back to Malacca my hometown for my grandma's 80th birthday.. pretty old if you ask me. I wouldn't mind dying at 85 cuz I'm sure I'll have done what I was meant to do by then. Wouldn't want to be an old nuisance who shits around everywhere.

Well exam's next week and this time around, I know as much of what's been taught in my lectures as much as the LimKokWing or APIIT students. Only difference is, they might even score higher. GG NO RE THX.

Can't type much more; I swear my fingers are getting fatter.

New link yay. Chuins the n00b.


By Cmingo

IF part of me says no, does the other part of me say yes? Or does that make me as a whole say maybe?

Good night n00bs.


By Cmingo

Har! back to back bloggin days, beat that sucker.

Anyway, I wanna take up a new hobby! Photography!.. reason cuz recently in IMU there was a photography contest offering like a few hundred bucks to the champion and all and some of the photos weren't bad, got a bit of class.. so basically I wanna learn how to operate those cameras- the ones with huge telescope-shaped focus thingys.. damn l33t man. hoho.

It surprises me btw, that I get like an average of 20 visitors per day.. to think that complete strangers read my blogs! How very exciting!

Dloading this thing called Gunbound, and it just sounds n00by, doesn't it? Haha.

Oh btw, a thought occured to me. We have the past, the present, and the future right? But the thing is, I really don't think we have a present because as soon as the present occurs it's in the past and before it occurs, it's in the future. You might argue that the very second it occurs is defined as the present but seconds are merely man made like minutes and hours. So if the "present" can be said to be the very second something occurs, it can also be possible that the present is defined as the very milisecond something occur, or the very microsecond, or the very nanosecond and so on. So if the space of time during the occurence of the "present" can be infinitely small till it reaches an infinitesmal value, it can then as well be negligible because of lack of practical value. Therefore, there is no present. Only the past and the future.

Well, I hope u understood dat. Doesn't make much logical sense, haha.


By Cmingo

TEHRAN, Iran (Reuters) -- A crocodile snapped up and ate a 12-year-old Iranian boy who was swimming with friends in a river near the Pakistani border, newspapers reported.

It's pretty amazing how diverse the patterns of life are.. One day you're swimming and a crocodile eats you up. That's kinda gonna suck... , however, my point is not on how sudden and unpredictable life is but of how we, as mankind, touch each other's life.

When you read that piece of news, just how much did it strike you? At the average level per ten ppl, I'll say 1 sighed, 5 didn't care, 2 oh'ed, and 2 chuckled.

What if you were that boy? Just imagine the anguish and dismay of ur family and friends. A life lost. A life that breathed for so many years, doing so many things and experiencing so much, just died off. Kaput. Never again to be.

Imagine your brother died, how much will you feel? Overwhelming sensations of grief and melancholy. That's how I'll feel. I would cry till my tear ducts explode.

But it's amazing that if someone whom you do not know die half the world away, it doesn't bite at you much. Such feelings of grief that one will feel when death occurs will dissipate if the said deceased was ... a stranger. DOes this mean that we should not be dismayed and saddened because of death but because of a love lost? Is it that we will not shed a tear for someone whom we've never met? What is sensitivity? If ppl died in a war, u're sad but that's because they died so much so fast and so loud and because everyone says u should be sad. If the same amount of ppl died subtlely because of car accidents, you'll never be as touched.

I wonder, how should we feel when one of Earth's children die? Shall the world grief together? Or are there just so many deaths occuring at any given point of time that it is only practical for a few to be saddened for if the world griefs along when someone dies and take a work leave, nothing will get done.

SO is that what compassion is limited to? What sensitivity and love is bound by? ... Practicality?

I shake my head.

Anyway, a fren of a fren said something in response to the previous post and it goes something like, erm , this?

In life, you'll need to compromise something for everything in whatever you do. Love is part of life and like it, you'll need to compromise as well. So basically, compromising = part of love.

Tim the n00b said:

However, i like to think that love is not just accepting a person's idiosyncrasies but loving them for that. u don't accept someone's habit of sniffing socks because you love them, but you love them for their disgusting habit. But it's easier said than done, what if he doesn't only sniff his socks, but lick his shoes? Can you handle it then?

But compromising can either be accepting their bad habits or changing urs.. DOes it cover you changing ur good habits for his benefit and likewise he changing his good habits for ur benefit?

Ze bee-you-ty of life.

And for no related reason whatsoever to the previous paragraphs, linking park is coming to town. I've heard that they were given permission to hold a concert with a few conditions; one of them being... NO Screaming. Haha. I'll like to see that done.


By Cmingo

What is love?

Can there be a special "the one" for every single person in this world? Can every individual, if tried hard enough, find their very special person which fits them like a bowl stacked upon another? OR is there no such thing as the perfect person? That no matter how close two individuals are, they are bound to have disagreements...?

If you love someone, and that someone loves you... BUT you have differing opinions on certain issues regarding matters of personality such as you disliking the way he smells his socks in the morning before he wears them. Your bf grew up smellin his socks, it is as innate in him as the air he breathes. However, knowing you don't like it, he seriously changes for you and in this change, he has becomed someone else, someone not him. Someone different whom he is not, but you want him to be.

Is that love? Or does that mean that you two were never meant for each other?

But of course, in this world, there could be a woman who enjoys watching the way her bf smells his socks.. Would that woman then be more appropriate for him? Because that way, he can always stay the way he wants and be happy.. Then what is love? Is it about being happy? If being happy requires you not to stray from who you are, and no one in this world has the perfect person whom they have need to change for... meaning everyone who's in a relation must at least change something, does that mean that no one in the history of the world has ever been in love?

Tsk, tis boggles me.

So if we can safely say that no one in this world is perfect for the other person(even if you like the way he smells his socks, you don't like the way he lick his shoes), that means that to be truly in love, you must change at least something for if you don't change and remain the way you are, after months of smellin socks, the girl could just lose it and break up wif u anyway.

OR don't change at all and hope that the girl will be conditioned to seein you take a whiff of ur socks everyday.

OR the very common contemporary method: compromise. He changes this, you change that. You put up with it, he puts up with that.

However, this very frequently used tactic requires one to at least change a little of himself/herself. And now you're becoming someone you're not. You're changing into someone whom she loves, but you don't.

SO what is love? Is it then the act of sacrificing oneself to be another? Or does the change not signify anything, are the changes just the side effect of being in love..., with no harm done?

But no, one cannot change and say that they've not. So how about a differnt kind of compromise? Smell socks every odd days only? Will that work? WIll that maintain that you've not changed to something you're not BUT good news is at the same time you're still at least making ur gf happy, even if it's on the even days only?
How, how how?

So basically the ONLY way to not change and still be in love is for the other side to take you for who you are, even if she hates ppl who smells socks from the bottom of her deep heart. Will dat work, now? But if you look at it from her view, she's becoming someone she's not. She has to tolerate you and your actions even though she detests it as much as she detests anything else..... is that fair for her? ORRRRR does it just mean, that you two were never meant for each other? Will dat solve the problem?

Hmm. Headache again.

Please don't think I'm a miserable sot.


By Cmingo


The holidays are ending!

Gulp. Here I sit, five hours before my 2nd semester officially starts and its back to life as a student. NO more slackin and bummin around..:/ Sigh. But my optimism increased a lil bit when my dad, of all ppl, actually mentioned.. "Well, I could give you another year or a decade of holidays, but one day, the end of the hols will come.. that last day will come eventually no matter what. And it's still back to uni for you."

GOod point really.. Haha.

Anyway, Ben has flown away. Won't see him for about another year I guess. Haha, the more I tried to keep him in memory the more I thought of my SAM year.. It was pretty n00by really.. My class damn dead.. the ppl damn studious.. There were like 3 groups..

One consisting of DJ ppl, one consisting of me ben kw joseph kkumar, and one consisting of the rest of the class. Can't say I didn't make frens though cuz I think ben and kw are two good frens I've made in my life..

Well, two bad SAM only lasted a year and pretty much after that last Maths 2(n00by) paper we got this gut feelin that we know we won't hang out as often anymore and after KW left there was no n00b left to organise hanging outs.. Haha,, knowing how lazi I am and how (insert negative attitude) Ben was.. it wasn't a wonder that we met each other less than 5ive times I think =/ So now he's gone, and I didn't even send him off.. What a n00by fren. GOod thing I managed to see Nic off, would have been saddened if I didn't. AND to make matters juicier there was that little thing with KW which after a few months of settlin the anger down, I've realised that OK I guess it's my fault but I know that the akwardness will exist even as I write these words. Heck, even his gf hates me. Haha. Dat was a funny blog man I read a few months back. Yes, I hate you. Ouch, but painful though cuz I'm not really someone who doesn't feel the slightest when someone thinks badly of me. Of course, KW would say screw him lar if that fella dislike you for no reason.. BUT that lil' curiousity in me will want to know why he doesn't like me.. but NOT because I want to please everybody but because I'm not perfect. And I cannot afford to think I'm perfect because no one is. BUT I can at least know my imperfections and work on 'em because for all you know he dislikes you for a reason that you really should truthfully be disliked for.

Very simply put.. imagine u're someone who doesn't care what the world think. On top of that, you have this peculiar habit of not showering. A stranger wrinkles his nose at you but you don't care what he thinks. Imagine if you actually cared a very very small and minute amount.. you take the time to think that ppl are wrinklin their nose because u smell. You go for a shower. NOW, doesn't this benefit EVERYBODY? I really don't see how ppl can benefit if that guy continued to not bath.

Of course, KW pls don't take this as a mockery of you. I'm not n00by to insult ppl behind veiled words. It's confusing and annoying. Haha.

Anyway, about old frens, I was just thinkin of the chances that exist for us to return to the usual times where we meet almost everyday and laugh and just enjoy life. Well, it's a cruel reality it is, and even more cruel because of the fact that we know we'll soon lose some ol' contacts and can do nothing or little about it.

Perhaps it is not the maintaining of the relationships, old and new, that should be your life, but the cherishing of what it had been like.

Of course, losing frens suck so I'll grab the chances I can get to renew or meet up with them if I can. GOod thing got modern innovations like bloggin' to keep track of their lives and the n00by Friendster thingy nowadays..

Okay, gonna head back to IMU soon. Sem2, don't play play man.. I'll be Nigel's sort of sama bidang senior but since he going to Ireland which will prolly own Msia education.. better not be too cocky.

Btw, still haven't been able to swallow pills.(high-pitched voice: not my fault, throat small!!)

Oh btw jacey, challenge u to foosball since you've just learned and all! Muahahah. Chicks who play good foosball damn intimidating wan. But chicks who play good snooker are sexy though. Hmm.

Thought of the day: JS loses his crypt lord to creeps yet he still gets the highest score. NERF the UD!


By Cmingo

TO be or not to be or to not be not but be and not think of being not, is that the question?

I read this word "agnosticism" a few days back but I didn't know what it meant so I checked it up on my all reliable and it is defined as the belief that the existance of a GOD can neither be proven nor be unproven.

Pretty much the guidelines for the common atheist I believe but of course theology is faceted to a tremendous account that perhaps the simplest way to solve the problem is just by coming up with agnosticism..

Anyway these ppl linked me, yay! more hits.

N00by Lena

Ok back to discussion. I used to think that there is no reason for GOD to exist until I looked around and realised that there is every reason for GOD to exist. Somehow I can not accept the theory of evolution that we came from apes nor can I accept the theory that existance is an accident. Do accidents come out so perfectly balanced? So perfectly designed to evolve into intelligence and society as it stands today? The thinking man.

Can you randomly assort a set of jigsaw puzzle in a box... close the lid... shake it for a 100 years and hope to open the box lookin at a completed puzzle set?
Now, you would never ever ever ever believe that the puzzle will ever assemble itself complete that way right? So now if you look at the possiblity of the universe stumblin itself into place the way it supposedly did, I really feel that the chances for the jigsaw event to occur has a higher probability than that of the universe.

Yet the beauty of the situation is that no one belifs in the jigsaw event, yet almost everyone belifs that the universe evolved by itself without outside help.

WOnderfully ironic the human mind is.

Oh yeahh... I was thinking recently(after losing bouts of Minesweeper Flags) about the issue of luck.

Is there such a thing as luck? IF there is, then what is good luck, what is bad luck, can we control our luck?

I think. That there is luck.. but LUCK is the word that we use to define something that must be defined by a word so that ppl will know what we're talking about..

And its definition as given by my all reliable friend: The chance happening of fortunate or adverse events; fortune

Now I'm confused. We don't want to know what is luck, we want to know what is... 'chance happening'. So how can we have good chances happening to us? What makes good chances happen? ANd what makes bad chances happen?

If someone has good chances happennin to him, he is known as having good luck. But good luck is having good chances and good chances is having good luck. So what MADE that fella had good luck? WHAT did he have dat gave him good luck?

Let's assume that luck is not caused by anything supernatural. If a person has good luck, does it just mean that he hit a probability? If a person hits a 1/50 and wins a million dollars, everyone calls him lucky.. but what caused him to choose the 1/50 randomly out of nowhere and getting it?

Luck. But what is luck?

Sigh. My head hurts. Someone pls help me.

Okay now are you one who belifs in luck? If so, define it for me pls. But perhaps there is nothing to define: Luck is chance, if you hit a probability of something good happening, you have good luck.. vice versa and you have bad luck. As simple as that. BUT there's a problem with this definition. It means you are sure that luck is chance and it could happen to anyone anytime anywhere.. SO you are someone who does not believe in luck and therefore when you say "EH, I damn bad luck, dat's why I lost..." you're going against ur principles. Haha. N00b.


If you had a choice, not a good one but its a choice, would you rather have homosexual but loyal kids or disloyal but straight-as-an-arrow-so-straight-they-can-piss-without-hands kids?

Good luck and farewell Ben and Nigel! Study hard and enjoy ur remaining student years before u have to crawl under the pressure of the workin life and the lousy sex.


By Cmingo


Two hurtful comments thrown at me today..

Don't say things you're not sure you mean.
Don't take me from granted.

Should the fact that they came from two different sources make me feel very much hated by the ppl around me?

<-- Loser.


By Cmingo

eh.. its still there ahha

My first flash projek! Haha.. damn nuuby! First and last man, just no time to learn ahha. This is incomplete though, lost the completed file :/


By Cmingo

bring on the heat.

Hmm hmm. Hum, hum...

Accidentaly found this pic made a long time ago.., damn dumb, ahha. Was wondering what was I doing, trying to look cool? failed miserably if so..


By Cmingo sick.

I hate being sick.

It starts of simple enough with a sorethroat after a couple biji durians. Then it comes on slowly and stealthily... it carries on with coughing fits and flowing mucus.. not long after that, a loss of appetite and the sore throat is now a painful ache in the chest; a thousand knives in my lungs with every breath I take. Nauseatic feelings of cold and heat causing my body to erupt in waves of shivering and bouts of sweating. My extremely lethargic self now wants to sleep but every hour of rest makes my head throb and muscles ache. Keep in mind that while all this is happening, I'm coughing and mucus is flowing incessantly. I want to die.

Went to 2 doctors after the first n00by one didn't quite work..:/ Went to a family friend doctor specialist who coincidentally is the father of a friend who was in a webpage design thing during high school WHO coincidentally gives a comment on the day dat I fell sick and went to see her father! Wvok!

You know what I hate most about being sick? The healing process. WHy? Because I cannot swallow tablets.

As stupid as it sounds, I really cannot swallow medicine. I have no idea why.

Oh, I can swallow the small ones.. but anything that's bigger than those chinese black stomach ache round pills I consider it big.. and panadols are killer huge. Sometimes I get a lucky swallow but sometimes the pill gets stuck in my throat and I choke. A horrible sight.

Looking at myself attempting to consume medicine is comical. BUt.. there's a very thin line between comical and pathetic. ANd I'm at the brink.


By Cmingo

Snake + Scorpion = Unstoppable Scoring

ANyway, see the two pictures below? A friend of mine(no names) actually thought that those two were the same ppl! Haha, he actually thought that the guy below was the girl after some makeup! AHahahah. Can anyone change their face SO drastically? LOL.

Oh yeah ADP fags farewell party....

CR. Drunk. Gila Babi Style.

Seriously, gila babi style man... if KW was here, he would have said dat.... . Hahah so we were faced again with the dilemma of not knowing whether to laugh or cry at CR's pathetic/humourous self.

Next time, he cannot drink like that anymore. Serious. It's not only painful for him but he actually physically hurts ppl around him. Hahah. He wanted to throw a shoe at me! Good thing he was in the car and he aimed it at the window. And he was cursing at ppl... We were so worried that on the way home, he would just start strangling the person driving the car. He lepased geram on Nicholas though hahah! Dat was funny! Being whacked on by a drunkard like dat.. Good thing he got home safely. Some ppl make noise when they're drunk, he creates havoc.

Scold me somemore, wtf. Grrr.

But of course, cannot blame him. ADP fags were quite bitchy haha, forcing him to drink and drink... Maybe cause he creates such an entertaining commotion when he's drunk,... very funny in his pre-emotional breakdown stage when he still has a tinge of soberness. But once he reaches that breakdown stage, tsk tsk.

I wonder if Ill be like dat once I'm wasted.. Shrug. Never know... haha, hope he wakes up and AT LEAST remembered last night's events.



By Cmingo



By Cmingo

The face of a true gay n00b.



By Cmingo

Jason Mraz - The Remedy , go dload!

I thought he was Jamiroquai at first. hahah.

Anyway, yeah Akademi Fantasia is like popstars I think plus big brother, which I've not seen at all but really curious to see what the show is about. :( Astro should get some more channels.

Catching a few episodes of Sex and the City, hey that show's not bad, hahah touching on current feminine issues in the big city. Not that I'm interested but it's fun to see what women think about once in a while. THey actually think quite deep. Haha, just kid'din.

Ok, new quote I heard.. use it if ure doing something evil and deceitful...

"Who do you think God favours in the web?"
"The spider?"
"Or the fly?"

Must say it in a gaya style though..

Go dload Cinta di akhir garisan by the akademi fantasia girls.. Blah! and Menuju Puncak! Hoho.

Oh, was reading diary of anne frank :( first few pages were boring. Haha. I duno how a girl her age can write with such flair so I assume the translators must have improvised which makes the diary less genuine, doesnt it? But if its a 13year old's true writing, how good can it be so that it'll be nice to read?DIlemma!

DId u even get that last paragraph?

Oh yeah NIgel! Grr, ppl at IMU don't drink teh oh ais limau, ok? AT least not in campus. HaHHahahaha. But wish u best of luck dude, hope u get to hold that pint in ur hands.

WHich reminded me of how easy it is to control your life if you are willing to but somehow I just don't. Yeah, I'm speaking of working hard to achieve something, like maybe getting a better score to get me overseas last time... *slump* SOmetimes, I jsut feel so stupid. Sigh. Sometimes i feel smart though. HAhaha. I guess that makes up for my self-esteem.

I think I know why Ben likes SATC. Because he wants to think, contemplate, and write like Carrie! Haha.

Oh Yen was talking about time travel and this issue seriously bugs me as in I'm really interested but could never get a straight answer. Haha nuub man CR would say. But I doubt it'll work though, cause of the grandfather paradox, as in if you go back and kill ur grandpa, is that possible? Because if he dies, you wouldnt exist in the future to go back thru time to kill him so he couldn't have died if you are to exist... And that made me think of time as stationary but time must be moving- read this somewhere - because we remember the past... but not the future... WHy? Because it hasn't happened, exactly!

Ok, I must write this down here before I forget...

SOmething bugged my mind once.. If GOd was omnipotent and all-knowing, does that mean that he knows our future? THe answer is yes, obviously.. BUT if he knows our future that must mean that our future IS FIXED because what he knows MUST be true, AND because GOd doesn't change his mind whenever he wants to, we can only have one future and that future is the one that GOD knows will happen.

BUT if he knows our future, does that mean that we have a fate? DOes that mean that no matter what happens, that future will happen? The question is, do you believe in fate?

If you answered yes, then what if you were told that you were fated to go to hell? WOuld you like fate now? Probably not. Why? Because you don't like hell. YOu only want to believe in good fates. Which is the key point of why I never like the issue of fate because man cannot accept them for what they are... BUT, after a talk with friends, i now get it!

THe thing is, there is a fate, BUT there is FREE WILL. Meaning to say, even though there is one path that we would eventually take, one that we are "fated" to take... that path is ENTIRELY up to us. What GOD has is not full control of our lives, but FOREknowledge. He KNOWS what are the choices we will make and that IS how he knows our future. BEcause eventually we will make those choices.

SO, LET"S JUST SAY FOR EXAMPLE(emphasized) one day you will go to hell. BUT you won't. Because you haven't made those choices. BUt you will. But yet at the same time, you won't because you have full control of your choices. SO there is a yes and no answer to ur final destination.. will i go to hell?(Example) Yes, because eventually you will make those choices bringing you to hell. BUT NO, because it is still your choice to do things that will bring you away from hell. SO THE TRUE answer is, where you end up is eventually up to your choices, Not a yes nor a no. The future has not happened but it will and that is the thing that GOD knows, your choices and where you will go.

It's abstract because men cannot grasp the concept in their minds, limited knowledge =( at least that's why I think we feel that the subject is difficult to grasp and thus, difficult to believe. But stretch this limited knowledge.. Feels good to think.

WHich is how I've answered my previous question of, If there is a fate, then what are prayers if they can grant me something if I pray but deny me if do not? HOw is there fate when I can control an element, thus changing the order of things, by praying for it? Because GOd already knows a long time ago that you will either pray or you will not. COol.

I wonder if anyone gets it at all.

Although I got few mroe questions though.. like..

If a man sins his whole life but repents the last 5 minutes of his life then gets shot in the head all of a sudden, will he go to heaven?
If a priest does good things and has a holy heart thru out his life but suddenly blasphemise at the final 5 minutes of his life before getting shot in head, will he go to hell?

Someone answer me.

One day, ill delete alll of these posts. Just for fun, just to see how it tugs at my heart. TO feel the ... loss? Shrug. Relish the pain.

By the way suckers, are you guys getting some RPC shutdown message? Is it some virus or some hax0ring? SUper irritating, grr.. !!

oh KCY! "Why can't the way the world works..worked differently? Like why can't eating more chocolates equals to greater health. And too much vege's is hazardous to health."

Because sin is delicious. Also, I think that if the world worked differently, then so would we hate chocolates and relish veges. Even though the taste remains the same. Haha. Simply human.

Just a figure of speech though, eating chocolate is not sinful, it's gratifying.

Butterflies in the stomach, where are you?
Heart beating out of the ribcage, where are you?
Goosebumps on the flesh, where are you?






By Cmingo

new post.

Hey, hey. Check out this site.

The Truth

Pretty cool site, I like the artistic and slight abstractness of the campaign. It's about anti-smoking btw, but instead of anti-smoker it actually attacks the tobacco companies putting the blame on them using the basic arguement that the companies do KNOW that nicotine IS addictive and yet they continue selling it making it their fault.

Shrug. Makes you wonder about issues.

ANyway, I wanted to get this off my chest earlier.

I had a quarrel with a friend recently; no names will be revealed here of course but I'm sure ppl know who. ANYway, we sort of made up because I've come to realise that it was pretty stupid to fight like that. SOmetimes I still think I'm right and he was wrong and I feel that I should never have gave in but this childish stubborness should stop I think. It came to me one night when something happened to me which made me dwell on the importance of relationships. Whether he or I was right, I feel that the best solution is not to avoid each other until the truth is revealed but to actually be adults, stop unnecessary debates, abandon the negative pride, and to slowly come to terms. Of course, I wouldn't want to totally abandon the truth on who WAS actually right.. but I'll rather do that when both of us are friends laughing and looking back at the incident then slowly cooperating for the truth.

I have little red bug bites all over me! Help! I think they came from the sea whilst I was in Tioman.


By Cmingo


What is the probability, I ask you...?!

The probability for my modem to actually fry two blogs after it got fixed? Lightning strikes many many cruel times on me.

Sometimes I get depressed reading other ppl's blog. Sigh, I wonder why my life never got that exciting. Will I live the rest of it dull and monotonous? But I was thinking..

Instead of changing my life, should I not just review my optimism and perspective on life instead? Everyone's different so my life should be ONE that I chose. It should not be boring and dull just because I do not own certain things and events, but it should be fun because of those things that I have.

Oh btw, I just watched Lizzie Mcguire and I don't know what scares me more. The fact that I watched it with a male friend(Nic) alone or the fact that I actually liked that show.


I think I'm sucker for young teen movies.

Another positive sign of growing older is when new celebrities popping up are now younger than you, not older like they used to be.

Anyway, pls challenge me to foosball cuz i own.

Oh yeah, I've completed my scuba course! yay, now quite the pro, am licensed to go 18m. Haha. Sounds n00by but hey 18m is quite deep okay, kw? It's like 18 CRs.. =P

Btw, check out Akademi Fantasia on channel 17 astro. Haha, I actually like that ...reality show. Hahahah. It's quite fun to watch! And I heard that the final five will be hitting it out finally this Saturday.. can't wait to see who victors.. Might just be Vince that guy who got 2nd in the Astro Talent Quest thingy.. From chinese songs to malay songs. That guy never gives up...

Remember to watch!

ANyway, whats with icq nowadays; all those random porn messages("Hi I'm angela, see me and my bf at")... sheesh.

Or the irritating ENLARGE ur BOOB size!!!!!1111 emails.

SPeaking of porn, time to upload KW's erotic coackcroach dance! Here's a sneak peek.


By Cmingo

Guess who's the man.

Who has the entire season 1 of futurama? Me.

Anyway, guess who's the ultra man who's going scuba diving this coming week? Me!

Going to tioman for my elective... WHIch reminds me.. I passed my finals! Haha..

Passed with a gosu 76%, pretty OK for a n00by week of INTENSE revising(i'm so proud of myself! sniff).. although I would want to really break 80% next time.. but beggars can't be choosers so I'm glad I did pass this time around... Hoho. Survive this and score the next time, wait, that's just the procrastinator talking.

Scuba scuba...

Speaking of scuba diving, I just pwned a friend 84 points in snooker.. Personal best but of course I couldn't possilby score 84 points per game, haha. Mostly due to my expert playing of mind games forcing him to foul countless times.

Oo, KCY just called me a bitch. AFter calling me a nuub. What is this world coming to?!

Now she's asking me to stfu. Sigh.

Oo, it wasn't her typing.. nvm then.

I just realised something: KW is super n00by.

And, I've added a new hobby to my holiday to do list. Digital Video Editing! Hoho.. Going to try to video this scuba trip and then start from there. Of course, No idea absolutely how to start learning but shrug, cookies will crumble.

If I'm not studying what I'm studying now, I think I'll want to do something digital. But shrug, money's not that good :/ and most of us work for money.

It's almost impossible to do something that you love doing, won't get bored in, legal, noble, and can rake in the greens.

OOOO, Oooo, I've always wanted to do this. Web cam pic!

Wow, somebody's fat


By Cmingo

Finally the modem... is... back again. BUt for how long?

I think I have the modem curse.

It's amazing how many times my modem gets fried, leaving me in endless lapse of months in which I can not access the Net.. withdrawal symptoms!

I think this is like the 4th time I'm getting my ADSL modem repaired/reboughted. Not INCLUDING my old 56k modems..which I think might just add up to about 10 modem burnouts. @!#@ talk about bad luck.

BUt after all, I have this philosophy about luck that is.. It's good to have back luck. Why? So that you'll need to put more effort to negate ur bad luck just to reach an acceptable lvl of performance and thus the efforts u put in will be better and of more quality than those ppl with good luck who might just go on depending on it. It's a stupid way of thinking but it helps.

But of course, luck sometimes just might come in handy... like today..

I had to pay for 4 straight snooker games vs Nicholas because I promised to spend him two games(due to ffk-ing him two days ago: not on purpose) and I lost the 3rd and 4th game. So, I decided to play the hustler and challenged him to a game of 1v1 LUCKY which Ben and YY invented and I modified.. Soo, won back more than enough and in the end he paid for EVERY game. I didn't bring out a single cent for all 3 hours of snooker. Talk about luck coming just when you need it.

And this reminds me, VIVA results just came out today. Those are for the borderline failures who are given a 2nd change by undergoing this oral exam rather than going straight into the resit paper... BUt anyway, a few of my friends kena and to be honest, I was pretty much.. appalled that they did not pass.. because I've seen them work hard... but like Aiky says,"Sometimes it's not how hard you study, but how well you perform."

Which brings me to say, I believe I have exam luck. In the words of my sister, she says,"Exam luck is when you don't know an answer and simply tembak... out of A B C D, you'll tembak the correct one while I won't, thus you have exam luck.".... I can only say '...' to that but seriously sometimes I feel that I'm too lazy but I'm lucky enough to scrape passes when other ppl who had worked harder deserved it more than I do... My friends say i Kai-ed the exams but shrug... Dont' get me wrong though, I'm not trying to humbly express that I'm a genius who doesn't study, slack around, and then score.. It's just something that I sometimes can do, pass that is... Crap, I sound too proud.. ;) *wink*

Sigh. Results coming out this Friday, and wont it be ironic and cruelly embarassing that I fail after what I've written above? Haha, but we never know so I'm just hoping I can scrape thru to Semester 2wo! Wooohoo!

Please read my blog.

Btw, ask ur frens to visit this site COOl R0x0rz site. It's awesome.

Anyway, I want to pick up these new interests.. Comics collecting, Futuruma series downloading,Japanese Anime watching, Foosball!, and left hand snooker playing. Haha.

I was thinking of buying the Crimson comics, but a fren says its pretty valueless if you buy the compiled editions so I want to start collecting another series so I can sell it for a million bux next time.

FUturmama :( I've got 2wo episodes... out of a total of a billion... and kazaa users dont seem to like futurama :(

I watched Hellsing a few months back, about a vampire hunting vampires. QUite the gaya if you ask me... wAnna watch some other cool ones, recommend pls nUUb.

Foosball! I'm getting addicted to that game! But crap, I can't seem to do a snake :( No talent..

And it's good to learn left hand snooker cuz 1. can impress ppl, 2. can trick ppl's money.

Btw, do you have Bnet Obsessive COmpulsive TYping disordEr? where you always do this...

/f l
/f m haha
/f m n00b
/f l
/f l
/f m oi AT
/f l


By Cmingo

An absolutely, wonderful, marvellous, title.

Wow, I'm so smart. I've set up a router-network system by myself. Shit, someone pat me on the back and say, "Good job".

Exams are coming! A 15 percent exam in 10 days time, and after dat, 2 weeks to the finals. Hohoho...

Finally met Nigel SR(link above) btw. He has shiny eye lids.

Oo, Oo, btw, I like David Tao songs, wtf.

Ok, time to add spontaneous stupid no-sense stuff on my blog.

June 26th is coming! WAHAHHAhohohuhuh.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix! Wahahoohhuhu.

Did you know.... that the male can lactate? As in produce milk from his nipples? Yep, all you have to do is stimulate it by suckin on it. Hmm, amazing.


By Cmingo

Life changes... and so do we

I do know of course, that one day time will prevail and we will all grow up. Perhaps it was the fear of change or the dismay of losing that beckons me to never consider life changing. Clinging on to vestiges of a previously comfortable life, I had no idea that it could possibly feel this way. The feeling of helplessness as you are unable to speak but just sit there and watch everything around you growing so fast, so unexpectedly... into something so... foreign.

My family's changing. My perspective on life is changing. The people around me are changing. This is a time where I know I will finally comprehend what life is all about. Mayhaps I'm taking myself too seriously. After all, this could be another reoccuring rambling. But who knows? That's the question. DO we?

And all this actually came to me on the eve of the conflict between my sister and my dad. How was Father's day? Filled with tension, if I do say so myself.

The point, however, is that I've came to realise that growing up is a part of life. It IS life. We will shed off our teenage obligations and replace it with adult responsibilities, whether you like it, love it, or fear it.

It may be fun for some, but for others like me, this fragile moment of relationships may turn out differently.

My house IS pretty empty now. My eldest sister has moved out near her workplace, my 2nd sister is in UK, and I'm in BJalil. My youngest bro is left at home, probably going through his high school phase very much differently from how his elder siblings went thru theirs.

My father cried. For the first time in my life, I saw my father cry. I don't know how to feel. It's confusing really since I've never ever thought that he COULD cry. But he did. Myself was feeling such sorrow for seeing him cry for us, his children. And for the first time in my life, I had a heart to heart talk with him. I sat down, spoke to him, and listened to my father on Father's day.

ANd for that single moment, I felt the true meaning of family.

Perhaps all will be better soon. Or perhaps all of us will just be ... growing up.


By Cmingo


Talk about bad quality


By Cmingo


FIxed the damn modem, actually, I bought a new one :(

Stupid shit ADSL. Definately not user-friendly. Grr. I was messing around, and when I got it to work, I have no idea what I did ;( and that actually frustates me like shit. If I don't understand how it works, I'll have this nagging feeling in my heart that will bug me till I die.


If I had a pen, I would write. If I had a keyboard, I would type. If I had a car, I would drive. If I had a plane, I would fly. If I had a boat, I would cruise. If I had you, I would love. - anonymous.

I wonder how long has it been since I've came online. Sigh. Was having online withdrawal symptoms. BUt now that I'm online, I'm damn frustated at my adsl modem. I DON'T understand how it works! ARgh.

Must. Learn. To. Change.

Benjamin is a boy's name, right?

OOo, I went to this jazz bar on friday. There was this guy, John Thomas or something... He's only 18! And he rocks with the drums... as in he is dammmn good.

Crap, and that just made me think. What have I accomplished? I'm of the same age as him, and there's nothing marvellous or outstanding about me at all. =(


I have slow typing skillz. =(

Good night.


By Cmingo

It is not who we are chosen to be but how we be when we are chosen.

I like that quote.

Anyway, Jay Chou was pretty boring Ben, you didn't miss much. His first one was better I'm sure.

GUess what? I actually passed my first summative exam. WTF, slacker shit that I am.

I thought that it was just my modem adapter that was fried, turns out that my network card was burned out as well. After changing the card, I found that the adapter was the wrong one! Hahaha, I laugh at myself mercilessly.

ANyway, it's been such a long time that I've posted an entry. NO one reads this anymore. I'm actually thinking of resetting this and starting anew but sigh, oh well.

Been having problems lately, what with moving out and all. Oh btw, I'm staying in Bukit Jalil now... Hopefully I actually pass my first term exam. Imagine all that trouble to move out and I stay there for only a month. WTF, hahahahha. I laugh at myself mercilessly.


Btw, this is a nice quote:

We have flown the air like birds and swam the seas like fishes but we have yet to learn the single act of walking on the earth like brothers - Martin Luther King.


One thing is actually bothering me. Here at IMU we're learning damn weird and n00by stuff as compared to those overseas. I mean, what if we come out as crap doctors? That's very possible. I might just cause deaths. =/


Heard this story:

In China, there's this family of 3. Dad, Mom, Son. The adults are constantly arguing with each other. One day the argument got so heated up that the dad accidentally killed the mom. Feeling afraid, he buried her corpse beneath the home, praying that no one will know. However, he was afraid that his son might question the whereabouts of his mother once he came back from school. Suprisingly, his son did not mention anything upon his return. The days passed by and yet the son did not ask his dad about his mom. AFter a week or so, the dad inquired the son about his mother and where she think she was. The son promptly said, "Yeah, I've been meaning to ask you this, why is it that for the entire week now, you've been carrying mom on your back?"

A shiver runs down my spine.

GF's bday coming up soon. My card's definately going to be late, as usual =(. HOpefully she doesn't mind. ;)) Missin her loads.

Weirdness is a measure of variance.

Everytime you say, "Shit that guy is damn weird", think of that quote.

Crap, this is a messy blog.

Anyway, I was thinking about Ka Wing lately. Strictly in a professional manner of course. Gonna contact him soon.

ANyway, I miss Ben. Shit, what's with all these gayness? GOnna look him up before he heads to Sheffield. He's going thru a tough phase of his life and I wish that I can be as a friend to him as a friend should be.


By Cmingo


Well, Yen Yen, I see you hate me much but somehow if my girlfriend had this personal fight with this person, I'm sure I would not hate that person just based on what my gf said. Why? Because although she's my gf, she's human and she may be wrong in disliking that person. Unless of course, I've met that person and talked to him personally. You're not someone who judges the book by its cover right? But if Ka Wing tells you this book sucks, will that book immediately suck for you as well?

You might say I contradict myself but let me get this straight. I'll not deny that I do judge ppl by its cover because it's damn instinctive for me to do so. You mean in your entire life, you've never judged someone before you've gotten to know him? You mean to say you've ALWAYS had neutral feelings for a stranger? You mean to say when you walk in the street, you see this guy in this car with a loud exhaust and you've never said "damn jeng!" b4? It's instinctive to do so so please don't talk as if you will never judge someone by its cover.

bitching about ur good friend's gf in front of him??? that's the most stupid and idiotic thing to do!

Well, I'll rather tell my good friend about what I think about his gf rather then go around his back and tell other ppl what I think about his gf. I hope my good friend will tell me what he thinks too, so I can POLITELY tell him "Har? That's what you think ar? Seriously no lar, she's not like that wan.. she's actually quite friendly, bla bla bla" then go on talking.

"you just admitted it was a fucking slip of the tongue. isnt this admitting that you ACTUALLY made fun of my gf?"

Har? You mean because I admitted it was a fucking slip of the tongue, means I'm actually making fun of her? Soooo, if it was not a slip of the tongue, and if I had HONESTLY meant she was casual, not holy, all those, it MEANS i'm not making fun of her? Don't get it.

Well, now that I look at it, I must have instinctively judged her by her cover. So ok, I'm sorry for that then. I should never have said "I wasn't trying to judge her" because it turns out that actually I was. Ok, sorry for that piece then. But listen, I might have judged her but I WOULD never go around saying she was not holy, casual, and all that crap. When I said casual, that was when I said sorry as well.

".."strong willed on what? what has she got to be strong willed against? religion??i tot she free thinker??"
i then said " her family??/ herself???"
so that proves u doubt her being strong willed right???"

Well not really, it literally meant... ok, she is strong willed. But, strong willed on what? BUT WHICH I admit now, I DO admit that I DID doubted her strong willedness because I thought there was nothing to be strong willed on thus there can be no strong will at all. But since right after that you said, "family and herself?", I got convinced and agreed with you. See, I make mistakes, and for that mistake, you corrected me nicely and I accepted my previous wrong idea of her. So I also am saying she is strong willed now. But of course, I don't really know Yen Yen right? I better don't say anything about her, good or bad. But yet I will, because it's just instinct for me to HAVE OPINIONS ABOUT PPL.

ANYWAY, this one I really have to say something.

Scenario A: Let's just say me and Ali(example) and you were talking one day. I suddenly make pussylicking jokes about you and your gf. Both me and Ali laugh crazily. I make more jokes because at least one person finds it hilarious.

Scenario B: Let's just say me and Ali(example) and you were talking one day. I suddenly make pussylicking jokes about you and your gf. Ali chuckles but thinks it's a rude insult, he says "Eh, don't so sick lar". I stop making more jokes because it's not funny anymore.

And you actually can say, "ure the one who encouraged joseph to continue insulting ur gf, NOT ME!
if you had dared to voice out how u felt during that time, u could have stopped joseph
but no u didnt, u didnt even say anything to defend ur gf from being insulted by joseph"

Scenario A again: After a while you start getting angry. I decided to stop insulting you. HOWEVER, Ali still finds it damn funny though. NOW I start to relax, thinking that hey if it was such a rude joke, Ali would cease laughing. Nah, Ka WIng's just being such a kecil hati bitch because Ali finds it ok to make this joke because he's laughing and even adding in some stuff for those afterlaughs. Ok, let's make more jokes.

Before anything else, I have to say this: You're someone who loves to crack jokes and insult ppl. But you can actually get damn pissed off at what I said WHICH was a normal simple instinctive this-is-what-i-think judging of your gf which I DID my best to make it NOT SOUND rude.

"friend or foe, whoever disrespect my gf, im gonna fuck that person up real good"
So in your mind, I disrespected her?

How can any two individuals in this world have a perfect opinion of each other?

I was just saying what I think about her, even to the extend of maintaining politeness by saying sorry for the word "casual", and you actually got this pissed?

So if your sister says, "Hey, I don't like the way ur gf bla bla bla (example of something ur sister dislikes)". GASP! She's disrespecting her! WTF, how dare she! Are you gonna immediately without A SINGLE DISCUSSION with ur sister, go online and blog about how offended you got for what your sister said?


By Cmingo

How ironic...

When your previous blog is actually poking some friendly insulting on to the one person whom I've somehow come to offend in a very serious way.

In case you don't get it, here.

First of all, I've got to get this off my chest as well. WHAT the FUCK.

That phone call for me was a very very normal conversation. At any point of the conversation I never never meant to insult his gf nor was insulting her even on my mind. I admit that I said something wrong, but KW, remember right after that I said sorry? Because I knew that it was rude and it was a fucking slip of the tongue. I'm sorry but when my freaking brains are out my english isn't really good. Furthermore, I actually apologized because what I accidentaly said about ur gf was rude and even I realised that. You accepted my apology and I explained what I really meant.

I never was trying to judge her or exclaim what I know about her. Our conversation was not about her, you know that, and she just came up as part of something else. I said she was strong-willed didn't I? Didn't I say that? Did I exactly say, "because she's not religious, that makes her not strong willed."? DID I? DID I? Please reanalyze what I was trying to say in that phone call. All I was merely trying to say was that, she is strong willed but

Now I just have to say something else. You don't like ppl to insult your gf right? BUT, in your world,. is it okay to insult someone's gf? Okay, you didn't invent the insult, but you were laughing alongside joseph and his fucking sick jokes about my gf because... you thought it was funny. The whole time you were the only one left laughing and encouraging him to keep on making fun of my gf. Even when I got really pissed, you guys even have the fucking guts to say, "Don't so kecil hati lar". Look at what you're doing right now man.

ANd, the funny thing about is, I WASN't EVEN MAKING FUN OF your gf! This is hilarious.

ANd honestly, I'm damn disappointed that you could actually conclude that I was insulting ur gf of all things. I'm going to send an email to you on what my actual meaning was.

"friend or foe, whoever disrespect my gf, im gonna fuck that person up real good". Yep, I'm sure I was dat kecil hati.


By Cmingo

Just had to say this

Modem's still burned out and too lazy to get a new adapter. In BBBBBBBB's house right now and I just had to blog this.. It occurred to me when I was driving home one day late at night... It's about Ka Wing ahhaha.

I remember he used to say, "Don't care about what ppl think about you as long as you're happy. BUT, of course must care about what your friends and family think about you..."

So, he used to say, if you sort of get a new haircut and you walk around feeling happy about urself... if suddenly a yellow-shirt boy suddenly looks at you weirdly.. YOU SHOULD NOT CARE what he thinks...

Well, basically my point is, what if the next morning, a friend of yours introduce this yellow-shirt boy to you. GASP, now he's your friend. Now he's someone whose opinions you should keep account of. What to do?!

Ka Wing, please! I need your help! This is a paradoxical event of self-confidence and I need the strong-minded boy(you) to help. THx!


By Cmingo

When your DSL modem gets burned by lightning...

You just gotta use the computer labs in uni.

It's tough, definately. And I'm lazy, definately. Or maybe it's just tough cause I'm lazy. But I'm lazy cause it's tough. =( I always confuse myself and end up with nothing.

What I heard was, medicine is tough. You can't deny it. Most ppl say, a minimum of 5 to 6 hours of self revision a day. <---- Giggle.

No, there are times where you just know your limit and what you can accomplish. I seriously cannot study 6 hours a day on my own. Thx.

Can't write much more because I have this phobia of writing mails and blogs in the computer labs because I always have this nagging suspicion that someone is peeking at my words behind my back. But maybe it's just my own ghost.


By Cmingo

Hello, world!

Hahaha, bz, bz, bz.

Plenty of things to say but lazy to write. First of all, IMU orientation week.

Break an egg in your underwear. Yay, egg shells in ur pubic hair for the rest of the day.

Dip ur shirt in this tub of fish juice + gooey stuff. Wear it again. Here, dip ur hair in this extremely disgusting tub of stuff where the contents are unknown. Oh, put some black rojak sauce on ur armpits and nose. Wasabi and toothpaste too! More eggs! Break it on ur head, thx. Margerine on ur face and ears. And many, many, many, more.

These were like the small details in our treasure hunt. There were actually major stunts involved but I can't name them. Still traumatised. Anyway, the maggot filled crap juice was the worse I guess because it stank like hell. Yep, maggots.

So anyway, Variety Night, the night where all the freshies perform their sketches and their IMCCs come out and all. IMCC = I am a sissy. So basically, a guy dress up as a girl, an extremley slutty one, and do ur stuff on the stage for a coupla minutes. I was an IMCC. A ladybird to be exact. And it was a very, very funny night.

Anyway, to cut the story short, everyone said I looked very very pretty! AHahahah. Some even thought I was a real GIRL! What the heck, when they praised me for being prettier than the girls, I didn't know whether to say thanks or grumble. Anyway, after a while of parading as a girl, I kinda got high with adrenaline and got really silly. Teehee.

Oh btw yeah, my name was.... first name: Don't want.. second name: DON'T want LAH!!!(gay sissy voice)

Back to the story... anyway, I got into the top 5ive out of 14 contestants. And for our finale act, we were supposed to erm... mate with one object each. (IMU's a horny place) So anyway, I got a fire extinguisher as my object and in the midst of the "excitement", the safety pin fell off. So when I accidentally held the handle, the fumes started to shoot out... at first I was confused but the crowd cheered when they saw the white gas shooting out, so, naturally in my state of high-ness, I put MORE pressure on the fire extinguisher and WEEEE, shot out gas EVERYWHERE, while laughing and hooting very girlishly.

Basically, I ruined the entire event because the gas stinked and everyone was choking..

=( I felt pretty bad because I could hear ppl say, "Where's that faggot?", "Eh stupid ladybug sprayed gas everywhere", "Where the hell is he?"

BUTTT, I guess all in all, everyone survived the night and the next day, ppl started calling me ladybug or ladybird. GG no re.

I hope the nickname doesn't stay =(. Btw, being a girl .... is quite fun. Haha. Now I'm going to start returning to my masculine sexuality.

On to a happier note, I got into my first real accident lar this time. And the funny thing was I walked out of it with no experience gained.

I was on the Federal returning home to Shah Alam, and the whole time I was feeling really sleepy. So.... I fell asleep. While driving. All alone. On the highway. At 6 pm. Cars everywhere. GG. NO. Re.

I only vaguely remember a blue proton in front of me before I fell asleep. All of a sudden, I heard a loud noise and when I woke up, a white car was stuck to my front bumper. Obviously, it was totally my fault. Sigh. SO I gotta pay for the damage done to THEIR car. As for mine, gonna claim for insurance and lose my NCB or something like dat.

I suck. And the worst thing was, my fragile BGA 8000 turbo is ruined! It's so ugly now. The toyota had damages but it definately got the better part of the crash :(

Sigh, and the next day, which was yesterday, my car got clamped. 50 ringgit fine. If I wasn't so depressed I would have laughed, looking at the entire bonnet front crushed in and the top bumper area pressed inwards while my front tyre was clamped. It was funny, really.

Oh yeah, I think some of my Ladybird pics will be around soon but I definately won't show you guys. In fact, they even sell the VCD for that event. I think you should be able to see me extinguishing the dalmation and the lamb right in the face while laughing sadistically right before the show ends. =(


By Cmingo

Sexy songs pls

Pls, recommend some sexy - if possible, slutty - songs. I'll need those in a few day's time for a stupid solo performance wearing makeup, an extremely tight bra, heels, and pantyhose. GG. No. Re.

Well, orientation starts tommorow. With luck, everything will not be as embarassing as what it is rumoured to be. Gl hf!

Anyway, on CR + CY.

They're back together. Again.

I like to see myself as their professional counsellor because it's very interesting to hear their complains. To hear their reasons and explanations for what actually happened. Sometimes, I try to conclude on the matter, of who is right and who's a bitch. Seriously, a headache. But after much listening to, I've decided on a very simple conclusion.

Both of them, have one thing in common, and as ironic as it may be, this common trait brought them together, split them apart, and brought them together again. It's called..

Kiasu or literally, afraid to lose.

I won't comment on those trifle details that made up my conclusion because in some ways, it's too personal. So I must respect the much needed discretion that they most probably will want. But those details, ah, very very humorous at times and along with it you get an insight into either CY or CR's true nature. Very very disturbing. Trust me, both of these individuals are two people very ... full of ... weirdness. Sometimes, I almost understand where it all started and how it's going to end. Sometimes I get that small glimpse of who both of them really are and what they both truly want. Sometimes, I'm afraid of what I know.

And you know why? Because what I know about them terrifies me. Or simplier put, I would have never believed it possible of them without supposedly true accounts from both parties.

But oh well, life goes on. Finally watched 8 mile, and I have a question. Is it my lack of attentiveness but where was 8 mile? Is it that shelter they keep mentioning? The place where the battles are held? Or is it someplace else? :/

Pubic hair shaving?

Ignore that.


By Cmingo

KW + Fat man with fat lips 4eva

Wait, I thought transexuals were those ppl who changed their gender.. And they actually have a SOCIETY for that in a UNIVERSITY?

GL HF man, but other than that well, Australian UNI sounds great. Freedom, variety of ppl, and a great handful of clubs and societies. FUN!

Returning back to my point.. imagine urself in a room with gays, lesbians, transexuals, transexuals gay, and transexual lesbians. Hohoho. Wait.. imagine KW in a room like that... I can even picture that extremely huge sweat drop... Haha, funny.

ANyway, my IMU orientation's about to begin. CRAP! I think I'm going to have to dress up as a drag queen + animal. GG NO RE. Seniors suck :(


By Cmingo

A pretty gay

... first day of UNI if you ask me but hey it's not yet orientation though; in which I will hopefully meet more ppl...

Well, this is the point of life where everything changes again, like a static point on the graph where you may either increase or decrease depending on your life's equation.

Unless of course, your life's graph is highly indexed i.e. with the power of 10, and everything is just too unpredictable without a Ti-83 Graphic Calculator which is for sale at a bargain price of RM 250. Interested? Mail me, thx.

You told me you loved me, Why did you leave me, all alone, Now you tell me you need me, When you call me, on the phone...

Anyway, I like chinese songs although I'm a typical banana boy so here's a recommendation:

Zhou Chuan Xiong - Huang Hun

It was sang in the Astro Talent Quest thingy.. this guy's the original singer though...

IMU.. is a very small and sad place for a university. I mean, seriously, is it really an abandoned shopping complex..?

That is sad.

Anyway, gynaes as in the doctor gynaes who do pre-natal checkups... Someone pls answer me this: They are the doctors who deliver the babies into the world right? =/ Or do they JUST do checkups?

Seriously. Depression is lonely.

And gak, Assassin's Apprentice is boring... =( Maybe it's still early, shrug.

Well, a new life. A doctor? Seriously, please... a doctor?! LOL! This is classic.


By Cmingo

I'll try to listen if you'll try to speak

... and I'll try to blog if you'll try to read.

Anyway, right outside my house at this moment, a couple of cats are squealing causing my dogs to bark madly... and it's not a normal kinda squeal, not that I'm very experience with cat squealing or anything but this squealing sounds like a mating cry of some sort. Do cats do that? Give out mating cries? Not that you should know much about animal mating cries now, would you?

And if you really think hard about it, we don't know as much of the world as much as we should know, and we know half of the world half as much as what we think you know. If aliens were to drop from space tomorrow, would we be ready to understand them? We do not even understand how most of the animals and plants on Earth survive. We do not even(screw that squealing!) know what fishes dwell in the ocean and what creepy crawlers lurk in the garden. We DON'T even know what happens when a dog scratches its balls upsidedown. Then tell me, how then are we able to accept extraterrestrial intelligence?

The human mind far outgrow the human capability. Perhaps that makes us human. Like a dog chasing a sausage tied to a pole attached from its head. It'll never get there but it'll keep moving, gaining stronger legs and bigger muscles.

Anyway, orientation is on this Wednesday. No more sleeping late... =/

Oh btw... What do you see? ---> !
Take a look at that exclamation mark closely, do you feel a sense of loudness, a mood of something being emphasized? You most definately have which just goes to prove that mere alphabets can affect ur mind as long as you grew up learning that something is something. Like how a ? gives you a sense of blurness, of questions to be answered. Why? Because you grew up learning that the question mark means that and that which is that will linger in your mind.

ANyway, my point is.. what if everything was upside down but still we grew up in that world? Like a ! becomes a ? and a ? becomes a !. Then we will now accept ! as something which gives you a mood of blurness and questions.

My true point is... what if we grew up learning that wrong is right and right is wrong? Our mind will accept it and when our mind accepts it, we accept it and the society accepts it. So how do we know that ! is actually ! and not ? and how do we know that killin ppl is wrong? We never will.

Honestly, sometimes I really wish to slap myself.


By Cmingo

Hello? ARGH, I'm a dreadlordd...not a DRUG lord...

And the consistent blog award goes to...

1. Nigel SR
2. Jaceangel
3. Natinski
4. The Journey
5, 6, and 7.Cmingo, Opeliko, Shamefully shamed bitchy beanie beano bangali banana Ben
8. Chwan Ren
9. Yippin' <--- dead

Which reminds me how much of a lazy bum I am but hey, there's no point updating constantly for 4 ppl. Theng.

Whenever I say "Theng.", imagine the back view of your head and a huge japanese comic sweat drop appearing slowly. It's the kena grabbed feeling. Theng.
Yay, I finally bought Magician, Robin Hobb's, and Wheel of Time 10! Not that I'm gonna read em for a long time, sigh.

Blogging is boring when you're snoring.


By Cmingo

Ownage photography: Trying to make it a hobby but I need professional help!



By Cmingo

Just curious.........

Have you ever heard of someone, preferably a friend or a relative, knocking a pedestrian down...? I mean, I hear stories on how their n00bish P License skillZ cause accidents like crashing into another car, scratching a parking pillar, getting turned over upsidedown 720 degrees.. and stuff like dat BUT I have never heard of anyone yet claiming he has knocked down a pedestrian and unfortunately, killed him. Oops, I mean, causes the victim to be admitted in a hospital or something. Pls comment!

On a lighter note, I like Willy Wonka's Nerds! Best and most addictive candy in the world! Crunch, crunch, crunch!


By Cmingo


Clockwise from the leftest guy: Ben with the closed eyes as usual, Ka Wing with the thickest hair mass, Chwan Ren with the supposedly closed eyes but-turns-out-to-be-his-normal-sized-eyes, Thien Loong with the Peace and gay smile, Nicholas with the glasses and hairyless legs, Chia Ming with the funny and slightly weird looking due-to-running-and-then-sitting-fast-after-setting-the-camera-timer pose.

Anyway, have finally found the perfect free hosting solution. Only one problem. It's illegal, sort of. Oh well, Ben the future lawyer is in this picture as well so he better help me counter-sue or something :)

Just send KW off to the airport. Off to Sydney he goes...
Which reminds me..... that you ppl HAVE got to see this short video clip of Ka Wing's newly infamous Coackroach SKILLZ dance. It's a must see!!! I give it a 10/10 for its abiltity to make you ROFLYAO(Roll on floor laughing your ass off). Too bad it's over 5mb in size. Please request it from me when you see me online, thx.

Oh it's already Valentine's Day. I got this HUGE Valentine's Day Card at Memory Lane and I'm hoping Cindy does not go online and read this before I manage to give her that card. It's supposed to be a surprise =) Well, I'm hoping to spend a quiet evening with my dear, whom will be leaving on the 23rd. Sigh, gonna miss her like nuts.

I have plenty to blog 'ere. Oh yeah, I got into IMU btw. Starting on the 26th. I'm still thinking about moving out but I guess it's a good thing and I will soon. Sigh, how can I live without my PC?


Which reminds me.... Nigel's gonna be a doctor too! And scarily familiar, he's doing it for his parents, very similiar to my case. AND even more scarily familiar, he wanted to do Aeronautical Enginnering, something I was gonna do if I still wanted to pursue my previous ambition. However, I guess in a good way for me, my parents actually last minute-ly allowed me to do what I want. I'm hoping I didn't make the wrong choice though =(
Anyway, here's a little case of bad luck.

I was playing In Between and the pool was large around 80 to 90 bucks. I drew a 3 and a K. Ok, a very high probability to win. Fine, take all. No wait, I better bet what I can afford, JUST IN CASE. So I had like a 100 bucks in my wallet and I decided to call 50 since the most I'll lose is a 100. Note to myself: Never think of the chances of losing, because the next minute you know, you will. Drew a 3. Wha the! Kena tiang sux.

ANYWAY, I just realised that poker can be very fun and adrenaline pumping. Looking for kakis, thx.

Ben has bad luck in gambling. Wait, make that bad luck in everything. However, if you subsitute the word luck with fate, you might be more optimisitic because now it's not just odds that are against you, it's God. WHICH is a good thing because since(in this case) God exists, it means what's happening is Him doing it on purpose WHICH must mean that He is for you but not against you because it is a universal impossibility that God will be against you just because you have a brother named Malcom who is unfortunately not in the middle. Therefore, your bad fate is actually a good thing. Get it?

All the things she said, all the things she said, running thru my head, running thru my head.

Crap, that song is very runninthruyourheadable.

I miss Shades Char Kuey Teow however oily it is.

WHICH reminds me... I just got back from Mainland CHINA!
It was funner that I ever thought it could be, suprisingly. Haha.

Thruout the trip, I was constantly missing Cindy. And dat scares me, because she's going to be in Perth for a long time and I just can't bear it. I've regretted not calling her enough. AND I know that once she is gone, I'll have wish that I could have seen her everyday so since I know I'll regret, I'm going to try to see her EVERYday if I can. Sigh.

If I get a dollar for every new person who visits my page, I can buy a wan tan mee... big one though.

WHICH reminds me, China food is cheap and large, which is good and furthermore, they taste good too. Ok.

I think I'll miss KW. So as a final goodbye...


That's a great dimply smile if you ever saw one before.


By Cmingo






By Cmingo

Weeee, small world.

Miss Chinese Intercontinental Pageant!
Hot chinese chicks!

But the thing is... our Malaysia representative, Racheal... is my sister's classmate! Weee, who at the same time is Ben's senior! (they're all doing Sheffield Law).

Wee, I hope she wins!!

Uh oh, just found out that online Quake3 is very smooth. :/ This is unhealthy.


By Cmingo

Beware of constant bloggin'!

Time to practice intensive everday bloggin!

There was a boy who thought he was happy....

(enters firstperson)
College, with my girlfriend. A new year filled with happy things! The only thing I have to worry about is..nothing! I love rhyming!

Hmm, why must my two younger siblings argue like they want to kill each other and me in the process? Nvm, other than that, happy college year! Worry list: Brothers.

Argh, my grades are sucking! Help. Nvm, other than that, happy! Worry list: Brothers, grades.

My mom hates me! Help. Nvm, other than that, happy. Worry list: Brothers, grades, mom.

My dad really hates me! Help. Nvm, other than that, it's okay. Worry list: Brothers, grades, parents.

Shit, I'm broke again. Worry list: Brothers, grades, parents, money problems.

WTF, why must you always do this? Problems with gf. Worry list: Brothers, grades, parents, money problems, crumbling relationship.

Finally, holidays.. OUCH MY HAND! STUPID DOG.... I'll need an injection for that..

Later that same evening... OUCH MY EYE! STUPID HAND. Worry list: Brothers, grades, parents, money problems, crumbling relationship, bitten hand, infected torn cornea.

FINE THen, break up! Worry list: Brothers, grades, parents, money problems, broke up with gf(missin her), bitten hand, infected torn cornea

Hey buddy pal, need ur help. Oh yeah did I mention I got cool tickets for this cool event? Worry list: Brothers, grades, parents, money problems, broke up with gf(missin her),, bitten hand, infected torn cornea. Happy list: Cool tickets for cool event!

WTF, why lar you askin for money? Worry list: Brothers, grades, parents, money problems, broke up with gf(missin her), bitten hand, infected torn cornea, misunderstoond intentions(ppl now think I'm a gambling loser) Happy list: Cool tickets for cool event!

Hmm, wonder where he is? Worry list: Brothers, grades, parents, money problems, broke up with gf(missin her), bitten hand, infected torn cornea, misunderstoond intentions(ppl now think I'm a gambling loser) Happy list: Cool tickets for cool event! damn it.

It's confirmed. He conned me. Worry list: Brothers, grades, parents, money problems, broke up with gf(missin her), bitten hand, infected torn cornea, misunderstoond intentions(ppl now think I'm a gambling loser), betrayed trust. Happy list: ak;dgbaljdbnajldn;a.

(leaves firstperson)

Somebody better help that poor guy.


By cindy


Just felt like putting a =P face here.


Hahhahha GOD bless everyone! CM, you're boring your readers..Blog more!


By Cmingo

Pretty boys are gay(oops, sorry JC)

ANYway, what's with F4? My sisters are watching Meteor Garden 2. Blah. How superficial. If four not-so-pretty boys played the same roles in the same show with the same storyline, there will be less viewers. Gak! Doesn't that say something?

Oh btw, I'm a guy.

Anyway, I like that Singaporean girl who's acting in that show, she's mixed I think, and she's very tanned.

Btw, my mandarin sux but I think the other girl acting in that show's name is San Chai, which is Mountain Vegetable. Sigh, talk about a bad plot.

ANDD.. just had my interview today. Blah, it sucked. Most of the time, I was basically lying about my ambitions and all but I really got cha tou-ed when...:
"So, tell me how does IMU teach its students?"

I wanted to say something like problem-based learning, but said student centered learning instead... When the lady asked for more, I said I wasn't sure... Then..

"If you're so interested in being a doctor, and you're going to invest time and money in IMU, why did you not even read the prospectus properly? Everything is there."


"Tee hee." Blush.

Sigh, sometimes I really suck.

YES! Cindy invited me to her house tomorrow! Yaya, this will be the 3rd time then! Haha, happy!

BTW, I have an average of 15 visits a day! WOWEE. So 5 out of the 15 is me..., for the rest...KW, CR, CY, B, N, C, NI, dat's 7... I wonder who the other 3 are... Oh, G, and YL, now, who's the last one...hmm.. ah. -_- Mr. Wandering Traveller! Yay.

Sometimes, I really wanna be read. Haha.

I like being analzyed. Cuz it's interesting to see what ppl come up with.

But IMO, I'm too damn easy to understand. Better add some mystery in me to make myself sexier.

So call me See Am, from now on. Doesn't that sound mysterious??!!!1111

America's Army FUN!

"I don't like half of you half as well as I should like, and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve", Bilbo Baggins, Frodo's Uncle.

Can someone please explain that line to me? I'm pretty sure it has meaning. My head hurts if I look at words too long.

Btw, I wanan know who reads my site... I mean it's 10 of you right, can't be that hard for each of you to post a comment each right? Pweese? Pweese? Please?

See Am.


By Cmingo

Crap, hate it..

When I forget passwords! Now I can't log in to the comments thingy to change that stupid poseurs thing. And the worse thing is, I can't even remember the username! Doh!

Btw, in a free for all, who do you think will win:

Gandalf vs Albus Dumbledore vs Master Yoda

In all honesty, I think Dumbledore can kick ass.


By Cmingo

Long post! Read please.

Plenty of things to say!

First off, I got into my erm 2nd major car accident. The first one costs me 15 bucks so in a way I was lucky, but anyway, the scary thing about this is... I'm playing ignorance is bliss. It's sort of like when you have a swollen patch on your forehead but you ignore it because you're lazy to visit the doctor and the next thing you know, it spreads and turn out to be cancer.

Christmas Eve night.

The storm was brewing across the lightning-streaked sky. A Proton Waja BGA 8000 Turbo zooms along the dim-litted road, swerving past cars and motorists on the wet, slippery, road.

In the car, a boy named CMingo and another named Marcus was chatting happily about life when suddenly Marcus exclaimed, "Hey! Let's call Sheun Wuay out too.". CMingo, the very kind driver, said, "Sure, why not?". He could see on his right a long stretch of grass that looked very safe to park as Marcus contacted Sheun Wuay. Why park you say? Because SW's house was nearby and driving further will cause them to miss the turn-in.

Anyway, CMingo miscalculated the dampness of the grass and drove into it with quite a speed. Once on the grass, he braked but to his misery, the car was skidding slightly and the brakes weren't working very well. Suddenly, a hole. OF ALL PLACES, there had to be one right here. CMingo wanted to swerve but the thought of the car skidding sideways was scary.

Anyway, BOOM. BAM. STOP. Call SW. Marcus leaves the car to look for damages. None he says. Fine, let's go.

BRROOOOMM.. BROOOOOOOM. Still on the same spot. Hehe, nervous giggling. BROOOOM. Thoughts of Marcus pushing the car and falling flat on his face made CMingo giggle.

Anyway,, after much effort but no pushing, the car lurched out..AND, when the car lurches out like that, CMingo's 8 months experience really does shit. No control whatsoever and when CMingo thought it was all over. BOOM. BAM. Another hole. HAHAHAHHH.

Ok, bottom line is. My car's window wiper water container fell out. Yep, it's pretty big and somehow it just fell out. The scary thing is, I haven't been to the mechanic to check what else is missing. For all you know, my car might explode or something tomorrow. And, I wanted to tell my parents but as the days passed by, I got more and more afraid that I'll be scolded for not telling earlier and the cycle continued till now. So, Christmas EVE is long gone, and yet I've done nothing for the car. Gulp. I definately I can't tell them now. Just hope the mechanics don't cheat me cause I have not much knowledge of cars and that is kinda embarrassing.

Anyway, it's good to write blogs with broken Manglish, cause more visitors like to read that than proper English! Well, at least some.


I'm going IMU! I hope, the interview's on Monday. I hope I just do well and get in. Sigh. Then do well and go oversears 2.5 years later.


You know, I'm curious. What is the true meaning of Good and Bad?

I mean, if I asked you what is Good, what comes across your mind are things like helping old ladies across the street, no gambling, no smoking, no killing, no adultering and stuff like dat eh? Bad then, must be the opposite, kicking old ladies, gambling, smoking, killing, and adultering right? But in the first place, how do you know that Good is actually Bad and Bad is actually Good? How do you know then that what you are doing is Right?

Because you grew up being taught that Good is that and Bad is that.

But for all we know, maybe we're doing the Bad thing, you know what I mean? Your parents taught you what is Good and their parents taught them. Maybe the first ancestor got it all wrong? Shrug. Points to ponder.

But I'm pretty sure we're on the right track where the Good on our mind will always be the real Good because no matter what, we're gonna accept what we have been living and what we have been getting used to as Good.

This means, if another Earth exists where Good is Bad, then the police will catch you if they find you not smoking or killing someone else... It sounds very stupid, but that's just because we have been living our lives since the start differently. And it's not a matter of moral that you despise them, it's a matter of difference.


I really crap.


I wonder how Ben is.

Idle thoughts occupy my space.

I wonder how Ka Wing and Yen Yen is.

I need more facial hair.

I like Nick Carter's new song. But the first line of the chorus sounded like Westlife's What makes a man.

I'm not gay!

Legolas is gay.

I think that playing Mahjong is a good method of preventing Alzheimer.

Emma Watson is a teenager, not a girl.

And, please, kind viewer, can you recommend me a song to listen to?

More boy bands! Slipknot!

Come to think about it, I don't like hard rock. =( It's fun to listen to... sometimes. But somehow I always end up listening to pop. NOOO, I'm not a gay fag! I'm just emotional.

Ok, this post didn't turn out to be as long as I wanted it to but gnite.

The night is a dying old man, and the morning is an orgasm ready to take several steps to change into an embyrio.

Wtf, dat was lame.