hello. you aight?

By Cmingo

My xmas holidayz

To summarize, 3 major events took place.

1) robbed by a french maid.

2) pickpocketed by a european man(with ensuing foot chase).

3) car accident.

Am a little out of inspiration for writing at the moment. Will explain each of the story in due time, especially number 2. And to think that the holidays have not ended yet. Watch out for that list in case it grows.


By Cmingo

Hypertension wishes you a very merry christmas and a happy new year.

When I'm senile and incontinent in a few more decades, I would sit my grandchildren down and tell them that I once used to be in a boy band and they will take turns laughing at me and calling me a fag. But ah, those were some fun times, haha.

I don't even remember who came up with the name, but it's probably me because I'm always so witty and creative. Since we were based on the pop group Tension and we were in a medical school, Hypertension just sort of fell into place. Oh there was the other myth where we cause a sudden rise in the blood pressure of the female population whenever we performed but that happened only in obese women so we were always humble and said that it was the lipids and not us. I guess we weren't that excellent and you can pick up the discrepancies of tone and key here and there in the video but we certainly had fun and we most definately entertained our friends!

In fact we were so entertaining that SOMEHOW copycats were almost certainly due; in the form of our female counterparts no less!

But it was all in good fun and lo and behold, they named themselves Beta Blockers. Why? To manage Hypertension.

-_-" sweatdropfromheavenandhell.

Woot. I personally think I look damn stupid in the video, standing like a stone, and David is certainly very stressed out. But whats going thru life without embarassing ourselves multiple times? So here is a snippet of one of our friday nite songs. And a little bit of our trademark chinese hit(Which was completely plagiarized note for note)


By Cmingo

most emo blog ever.
Sometimes I wish that there's a reset button at the corner of my life that I can just press and events will restore itself to where I want it to be. Mistakes will never be made and happy memories will repeat itself. Won't that be a life worth living?

Unfortunately for me, the happy memories jolt by too fast and the repercussions of my mistakes linger too long. Am I in depression? Certainly not. Because as I said to charlene, aka winter vomitus woman, men who are not in control of their emotions are not capable of great things. For if we cannot have mind over matter as banal as emotion, we cannot have mind over whatsoever.

Asinine is the word I want to use to describe myself. Because I am a man whose motivation has been tried and found wanting. And again I yearn for the pressing of the button that will reset things as my heart will want.

I miss IMU.

It's amazing how indifferent I was to the transition period between the teen years and adulthood. I ignored its effects as it ignored my whims. A brillant symbiosis which resulted in me suddenly finding myself in a position of commitments and responsibilities far akin to the old position of luxuries and comfort. It most certainly is interesting, ladies and gentlemen, that I cannot deny.

I miss my old friends. When doth time changeth its course, it's when I do meet thee.

It's when I fly away further from my homeland that I realise what makes the universal clock that hangs on the walls of our lives tick. I've had a million chances all of which I squandered and none seized. Of course, one might argue that it's better late than never but I beg to differ because I know all about tardiness and it's slow-acting effects on the health of relationships. But I certainly do, now more than ever, miss my family.

Cryptic blogs irritate me because they go nowhere and end up without meaning nor significance. So here are some happy pictures dictating my happy life.

Watch out for that brick cubicle the next time you watch an England match in old trafford.

ANd can you believe it, I'm sitting in the corner where David Beckham used to sit and will occupy if there's an England game. I can smell his sweat. A floating fragrance of raspberry with a slight tinge of wintermelon. DOn't ask me why his sweat smells like that. It just does. Amazing isn't it, that when you're a celebrity even your metabolism changes.

ANd here is a video of us running onto the pitch of old trafford. Life has to be humourous because laughter is a parameter of joy, and joy is the next best thing to happiness.


By Cmingo

Only our mother can tell us apart.

This is my brother who is 3 years younger than me. And for the first time in my life, I realise that I should have had set a better example, a role model if you like, for him than what I've previously did.

He has all of my bad traits and a huge part of me knows that if I did not exist, he would not have turned out the way he is.

He is lazy.

Just like his brother.

Today, it finally came to dawn that the way my brother is treating my parents is the way I treated my parents, and the way my brother talks to me, is the way I talk to my older siblings. Rude and uncouth.

But then again, look on the bright side. BECAUSE to be really honest, I actually have no objections to him having traits like mine. Because, I'm happy with the way I turn out and if anything, if he turns out like me then I'm sure he is on the right path and I have no worries. I just hope he scores in his SPM though.

I've always wanted my family to have more faith in me than the meager amount which they usually subscribe so I must be fair and give him that amount of faith when he wants it. When they tell me to study harder, I told them just trust me. AND if I want that trust from people, then I must be willing to spare some in return. GG.


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that is a huge ass bbq pit.

I wonder how it feels like to have the whole population of great britain around the world celebrate once every year for 400 years that you failed at something.

Guy Fawkes never saw it coming. Poor guy.

Must be fun to have people around the world lighting bonfires and fireworks and chant defamatories of your name while dancing around the bonfire naked.

My first bonfire night in UK anyway. Seems like a really fun occasion with a very skewed history. Can't wait for the next one. omgz.


By Cmingo

I THINK I have bipolar disorder.

Or I could be wrong.

Or not.

On a totally irrelevant note, something from my past has come back to haunt me.I thought that I had left them back home for good but it came upon me again like a horny rabbit on a cold winter's night. My sleeping problems are back.

I wouldn't go to extent as to the mechanics of my problems but just bear in mind that they are not good. Chemotherapy might be key but for now I would need to resort to gritting my teeth and baring my will. If things turn uncontrollable, then I would have no choice but to seek professional help hoping against hope that I can seek out people with whom I share the same plague of sleeping problems. I need to be strong, friends if you see me, please give me words of encouragement!

Truth be told, I am bitter about it all. Why o why me? But often I hear the wise man say that it is not who we are chosen to be but how be we when we are chosen. SO I shall cease complaining, and accept it like a man.

I need to stop oversleeping.


By Cmingo

I hate being misunderstoond.

People who misunderstand me need to give me room to negotiate and explain. Not shoot me down further.

THe problem with the world is that there exists too many people out there who are too sensitive to even the slightest of insults. They need to be taught a lesson. But even suggesting that to them makes them feel offended. Ah, so where do we go from here?


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Squirrels are friends of rodents.

SO anyway, here's a picture that has absolutely no relevance to my current doings or howabouts in Manchester and is void of meaning in whichever way you look at it.

Image hosted by

Life is so wonderfully mysterious.

BUt here is a more relevant picture, seeing how we're in Manchester and all.


Old Trafford is called Old Trafford because Trafford is an old place.

ANyway, MAnchester must be a really nice place to visit OR we must be really loved by our friends because we've had so much visits! Weee..

We've had the gang from LIVERPOOL.

Albert Square

AND Hary Raj from LEICESTER.

Han Sian, Hary, and Sandev eating dimsum

AND Prakash Peters from DUBLIN.

Indian food is expensive

AND Tan Pok Chien from LEEDS.

dimsum, dimsum, and more dimsum


ANd without fail, we seem to always end up eating DIMSUM for some reasons which have eluded me. EVery one of our guests has had has his share of dimsum. The world is strange.


By Cmingo

22 Carlton Road, Salford FFFFTTTTWWWWW


By Cmingo

1st dinner!

This was our 1st home dinner. But there were girls around to help us cook. Now that they're gone, I have no idea how 3 of us are gonna survive.

OMG! Check out this delicious soup! Many thanks to Jane and Amanda for much of the cooking.

Fishball noodle soup with a fried chicken to boot! ANd it tastes better than it looks.

Jane was so happy that her chicken tasted so good.

Jaycen usually eats without comments.

A goodlooking Manchester architecture which I have yet to find out the name of.

HAVE you ever seen a one-legged pigeon? Well, here it is in the heart of Manchester. We found this fellow hopping around in Picaddilly gardens. Upon inspection, the bird was found to have only one leg! In place of where the other leg should be is a most unusual stump. How bizzare.


By Cmingo

Half a group pic!

You can see how happy I am to be here by the ecstatic look on my face.

more pics to come!


By Cmingo


The feeling of being online again fills me with warmth!

Was getting withdrawal symptoms from not being able to access cyberspace but here I am, secretly stealing someone's pc because I haven't got my student ID yet. Anyway!

Manchester's pretty fun. I can foresee myself doing lots of stuff here. Nice weather too, just the way I like it.

Can't wait till I get internet this saturday and can't wait till I enter the hospital! O boy! Plenty of stuff to write about but will do it later. And gratz Mus on lvl60. I'm still 55. WTB 1 lvl for 20g. IF INTERESTED PST to 004407871650262, dat's my prepaid number atm..

Updates on my wonderful life soon, jabronies. How's spicy dota in msia? It's gonna bloom here in UK! GL all.

If you ever wanna visit Manchester, you can stay at our place for freeee! Weee.


By Cmingo


The seconds have ticked and the minutes have sung and the hours have come to an end.

Wheels were set in motion years ago. Plans were conceived long ago that I would one day set out to study overseas like my sister before me and her sister before her. Enter IMU! They got a twinning programme shit and you can leave in 2.5 years! OMGZ.

But tonite as I get ready to leave Malaysia at the post of her independence day, it does not seem as fun as it should be.

I'm gonna miss home.

ANYWAY, let's not dwell on mushy matters.

GooDBYE ALL! and Hello UK!

I HAVE A NAGGING FEELING I LEFT something unpacked! BUT I CAN'T remember what! @!*)!)!@_(#*(_!@#!!

Little did I suspect that today, a totally new chapter of my life begins and one that I did not realise will come with SO MUCH change.

For every moment a sister stepped out of home, we lost a bird and the nest became emptier. I only hope for my parents' sake that things will turn out for the better. And soon.

With great power comes great responsibility - Uncle Ben Parker.

As we skip that quote which has absolutely no relevance to the blog, let's move on to the topic of my friends!

I haven't met so many! THere's Ben wif whom I'm supposed to meet every once a year but now it looks like it's gonna be once every two years. ANd there's Amanda who, despite numerous attempts to meet up, we never did! And there's Jiggy Ninja TRIPLE H who likes to eat keropok lekor! ANd there's some IMU fags here and there and o boy would I like to meet up wif Pastor Cat and Shaun for one last time. Also KCY who I'm glad is still alive despite her disappearance from the face of the world.

AND NOT enough late night DOTA/MAMAK sessions IMO! Now that I think about it, the lectureboys+weijin did not really have a final gangbang kinda thing. LOLZ. O well, such is life eh.

We tend to want to keep in touch forever but that's what I thought would happen with my high school friends. And then I thought the same for my college friends. ANd now, who knows if it won't happen again? The gradual absence from each other's lives. The heart wants to remember but the mind is not willing.

ANYWAY, let's not dwell on mushy matters.

Omgz, clan SPICY in europe! How hot(pun intended) is that!!!

Goodbye Msia. Hello, another phase of my life.


By Cmingo


My life is complete now.

I am no longer Chia Ming. I am above Chia Ming. Fear is not my bane, it is my ally. I have transformed into Batman, above all fears and have become one with the Darkness.

TOday, I killed my nemesis. Send it with its tail between his legs to oblivion. NO longer will it haunt my dreams or plague my waking days. I just killed the cockroach.

Not just any cockroach my friends. One that have infested my toilet for weeks now. Always hiding behind a toiletry or the other, it has evaded me for the last time. Never again will I shower in fear of him peeping at my vulnerable nudity.

But lo and behold, ladies and gentlemen, I did not just kill ONE cockroach. I pwned FOUR. AT ONE GO.

SO. It decided to bring his family out on a picnic. Feasting on my Biore Pore Pack like there's no tomorrow. COCKROACH FAECES WAS EVERYWHERE. I could smell them from a mile away and I could definately smell them when I walked into the toilet. THat lingering odour that is only distinctive of filth and crap.

I mean, how often is it that you walk home to find 4 of those POS bugs having a camp out on your toiletries? ANd what does a man do at a moment where a decision moulds him into something beyond human?

At first I opted to believe that ignorance was bliss. ANd I was about to chicken out. Run away from the bugs and assume that I was hallucinating. Sleep without my shower and pretend that it was all a dream. But then I spotted one of them. RESTING HIS FAGGOSTIC COCKROACH ABDOMEN ON MY WATCH. NO ONE MESSES WITH MY WATCH. Batman immedialtey spoke into my head and I knew that enough is enough and it's time for 2 consecutive Triple Kills.

Of course being a padawan, I had to go for the noobiest weapon. the ShieldTox TURBO 2000. But trust me when I say that the battle was flawless.

I opened fire on the first one I saw, I think it was the mother of the lot. She was extremely confused when the aerosol hit her square in her grubby little face. Poof, she went astray and immediately soaked up most of my ammunition. Seeing his mother weakened, the son tried to cause a diversion in hopes of buying her time to escape by flying aimlessly at my direction. In all earnesty I bet that he was hoping that my phobia of flying coackroaches overwhelm my battle fury. GOOD TRY.

All I could say was LOLz and I shot him right in his face while he was airborne. That knocked him out almost immediately. HAHAHAH, I was extremely tempted to ROFLMAO but there was business to attend to.

Caught in the crossfire was his little sister who was hiding behind my toothpaste! Grr. She went down without a fight even as my bullet spray was far too accurate. ANd how do I know they were family? Because as they were bleeding from their wounds, they did their twiggly little motions and landed on the floor at the same place! AS if they knew that their fate have been sealed and they wanted to die together. HOW EXTRAORDINARY indeed.

The room was silent for a moment(about 5 minutes) as the father roach was hiding in where he thought it was safe. BUt unfortunately for him, I did some random firing in his direction and he JUST had to REACH out for fresh air or die with the fumes. The moment I spotted him trying to make a break for it, I whispered a silent GG NO RE and owned him. He passed away not long after that.

Life is now. Much better.


By Cmingo

An introduction to Clan Spicy

*update*Tim has been promoted one rank up due to a brilliant Yunero performance yesterday. GG.

Not just anyone can be a Spicy. We need members who, when walking down the street innocently, get random strangers to exclaim, "Omgz, I just feel dat that guy walking down the steet innocently is so.... spicy! I wanna eat him.".... Or something along those lines.

Basically, we tingle your taste buds and make you tear. That's our boys. Our SpicyGirls are phew pheet .... hot and spicy! hahah.

So here it is a revised current members list. Members are ranked according to their spicyness.

Ultimate Cili Padi - SpiCyMing/cmingo aka Chia Ming

Extreme Sambal - MUs aka Han Nien, SpicySam aka Sam, SpicyNoob/noob aka Thien Loong, SodaWater/strawberry/tiredsk/sleepysk/sk aka Seng Keat

Extra Peri-Peri - SpiCyee aka Chia Yee, SpicyCarrie` aka Carrie, SpicypeikZ/HotNSpicy aka Alice, OriginalRecipe/jackjack aka Jack, SpicyDuck/FucDuck aka Soon Han, BergayaCR aka Chwan Ren

Just Peppery - BBB aka Bobby, kyu aka William, Q aka Alex, tasxi aka Hong Chee, SpiCYPorkChop aka Pok Chien, theman/thesuperbman/superbman aka Timothy

Mild Tangy Lemon and Herbs - oilfriedghost/SpicyGhost aka Wei Jin

Hoho. Feel free to apply but be warned that if the Spice-o-meter shows that you're bland and tasteless then you'll be relegated to Mild Tangy Lemon and Herbs where WJ can show you how it's done. You've got to work your way up!

GG gl hf no re.


By Cmingo

Of parents and where they all come from

It irks me most when I know that one day, I'll just be like one of them.

Over the years, we grow up from little kids to irresponsible youths to much matured adults. And in every one of those phases, we are still our parent's child. Because they have been associating academic excellence with a constant display of stress, unhappiness, and an unfulfilling life, classical conditioning has taught them that if the child is otherwise, then he is not excellent academically.

In other words, they want to see me not have any fun. For the rest of my life. Or else doom be upon them for their child is a failure.

The situation has come to a boiling point that even though denying the child happiness will do zilch to his studying career they will still proceed with the prohibitions because if he's gloomy and stressed out again he might just have good grades(Pavlov, people, think Pavlov).

SO why exactly am I ranting? I'm a happy child, my parents give me most of what I want and I in no way do a lot to be a good child(I don't even get good grades to begin with).

In fact, if my parents have a blog they'll probably write one on how they wish they had used contraception than to sire a heartbreak. One that is me(and maybe my brother too).

I guess I'm writing on not how my life currently is, but how it would be if I wasn't so stubborn to persist on my own kebahagiaan and had just listened to every single instruction they give.

Basically, I'm a bitch because I often neglect my parents and go against their will and advice but perhaps it's very much because I know I'll go insanely depressed if I did listen to every.single.thing.

Growing up has been much of a business deal for me because I'm oft reminded of how much money they have spent on me and how much I'm expected to give back when I'm working(but all parents do that anyway). In other words, my parent have never trusted me before, they don't trust me now, and they most probably will never trust me in the future. Trust me to be a filial son, that is. I do not think they fear retribution and if anything they most probably welcome it because they have been wonderfully nice to my grandparents. So what is the missing ingredient in this recipe of my relationship with my parents? I believe I'm still young and there's much more to be learned though but I'm hoping I find out what it is before I leave to Manchester this September.

Which... looking at the calender does not seem to be optimistic at all. Thus, there is no choice but to return to that mechanical relationship where there is love but no passion, where there is respect but no admiration, where there is a future but no hope. I'm pretty sure I can get used to living a life where the only way I know of pleasing my parents is by studying hard and giving them money in the future. AFter all, that has been all that I've been taught for for 20 years.


By Cmingo


It's been a million years since I last wrote something in here and I blame that on my 'hectic' schedule of sleep, Dota, WoW and more sleep. I'm PATHETIC! But I enjoy living a life where you slack off doing unproductive things like spending your parents money unwisely or leaving your visa till last minute and stuff etc.

Anyway, I passed semester5! Yea, thought you should know. So I will be leaving to Manchester on Sept the 1st. GL HF.

ANyway, Spice1 is recruiting! In case you don't know, Clan SpicY is a dota clan where to enter, you have to be l33t at dota and also have a spicy demeanor. So, if you think you have the right requirements, msn me at Let's OWN the DOTA tourneys!



By Cmingo

They say that when the time is right, the sky high, and the moon round, each of us

will know his own destiny in a split moment of truth.

Actually, no one said that at all but my point is that I'm about to enter another phase of my life.

ANyway, speaking of destinies(sp?), Semester5 finals is acoming up.

How's my preparation? Like a dead fish next to a fried fish fillet on a fishandchips plate with fries and tartar sauce. Uncomprehensible.

I managed to draw Manchester University. Certainly this is a great uni and I for one hope that the department did not put a TYPO on my letter such as one that my friend received on his. LOL. Imagine after all that hype, they call me up and tell me, "Hehe, sorry ar... We typed wrongly. Sorry got cure? Teehee..."
But it makes one wonder that if they can get ONE letter typed wrongly, they might just make a similar mistake elsewhere because one person's choice affect the next, after all. So if that person who received the typo did not check up or confirm his uni, then he might just go on making his preparations!
And let's say for instance there did exist a mistake that was realized only when it was too late, what will the university do? Just say, "ok no biggie just go to whatever you received on your letter" ? ANd that, my frens, will put a huge question mark as to the integrity of the whole matching process and civilization as we know it will crumble.

If life is a butterfly, then I'm flying to Old Trafford.


By Cmingo

GOODBYE Pharmacy friends(especially Thien Loong and Alice and Miss Malacca). May the path you take in the future only lead to greener pastures. Remember that life is a butterfly and we all need to leave our cocoons one day or another. Enjoy Scotland, noobs!

And coming up next: Semester 5 finals


By Cmingo

My parents are going to disown me and slap my cheeks red.

Today Prof Paul Chen called me to his office. Apparently I have been reported late "again" for my classes. To cut a long story short, he told me that if I am ever warned again, I would be expelled.

Can you believe it? Sigh. True, I am one tardy bitch but I am being slaughtered here for two occasions. TO be honest with you, I really did my best to come on time ever since I got the letter. But the letter came only after I was late for the 2nd occasion. Understand?

Simply put, it's like a footballer who commits a foul on the field then later commits another one. The referee charges him a yellow card for the 2nd foul AND THEN suddenly remembered the first one and thought that,' Hey that foul earlier was a bad one too, Damn, i'll have to book you for it." Yellow+Yellow = Red. Whistle blows, sent off field.

Truth in check, if he had known that he already holds a yellow card he would be more careful. But he did not(or in my case, has not) which is why he thought he still had space for commiting an offence. To counter this argument, A FOOTBALLER should not go around kicking ppl in the balls or doing bad tackles anyway but sometimes things are unforeseen and life is as such; and that is something we all have to understand.

True, I admit. For a man cannot improve for the better until he acknowledges his weaknesses. But to be shown my first yellow card only after my 2nd yellow card came is inappropriate I believe. Nevertheless, I shall tread lightly from today and attempt to relinquish justice no more unless I am brought under an unjust spotlight again. Can you imagine me telling me kids I got expelled from med school because I couldn't wake up on time? They'll be like "Haha, my dad is a loser. I shall go do drugs and crimes."

Sigh. Sometimes I want to rewind my life and start again as an infant. But then again, 30 years later I might look back and say "Sigh, I wish I can go back to when I was 20.. I would have done and changed so many things."
So if you look at it another way, if those thoughts will occur then I will DEFINATELY TRAVEL BACK to when I was 20 because at this moment when I am 20, I know that in the future I would want to come back to this present moment WHICH I AM IN.(to be a better man?) And it is this knowledge about the future and its wanting to return to the past(which I must reiterate is made possible because of the simple fact that I am here in 2005)that just made me the 1st time traveller in the world.

HOLY MACARONI! and a cow chewing on it. I just owned Einstein.

Was it Archimedes who exclaimed "Eureka!" when he discovered the water volume displacement theory?
Then let the world know that Chia Ming has shouted, "HOLY MACARONI!"

And a cow chewing on it.


By Cmingo

Due to popular demand...

Hello world!

I met this really chun chick in the library today but, sigh oh well such is life.

Mayhaps the reason as to why I have not been blogging is because there is either nothing left that's interesting in my life or I just do not have the mood to write about stuff anymore.

Sigh. If life was a dung-bettle, then I would be a pebble. Insignificant.

Roar.. Muahhaha.


By Cmingo

Time and tide waits for no man.

I call it the lucid interval of men. It strikes without mercy and comes without warning. When the dimenson of time decides to play foul, no one can stop her.

Such is life, is it not?
They zoom past me without a second glance. I hear them all mocking me. He is but man and we are but time. Let us roll on the floor laughing at his pitiful attempts to salvage what remains. We will scavenge every hour, every minute, every second and leave him floating in the abyss of the helplessly amiss.
The weeks. So, so fast they fly by the protagonist that is me. The hope of the morrow become the bygones of yesteryear. I have been ripped and it is not the body or soul that has perished but rather it is time abundant that has forsaken me. I am the driftwood of confusion swirling in the whirpool of eternal dusk. The dawn that must cometh never arrive and the darkness that we evade never ever leave.
God help us all.


By Cmingo

Like duh, finally.

Man, what a break from blogging. Page visits have dropped! NoooooOO.

Please, please, click on this link.


IT is, essentially, a webportal for IMU students to do as much as they can. Let's hope that it can only expand for the better.

ANyway, suddenly lost inspiration. Ciao.


By Cmingo

When somebody looks up the term "handsome gay" on the internet....

AND your site turns up #12, then you know it's time to change the content of your blogs.


By Cmingo

Talking big in the virtual world.

So anyway, I've been DOTA-ing these days on battlenet and just about half an hour ago, I entered this public game where the host set up a 4v5. You should realise that the common trend is, when they're brave enough to be one man down, they're usually good enough.

Funny thing was, the 4 of them(I shall assume they are Singaporeans for they had the 'sg' in their game title) weren't that good and in fact got ta-paued(wrapped and taken-away). The public people I got on my team were from the OwnU clan and hoho, they were just consistently making fun of the singaporeans calling them noob and all. All in good fun I suppose, but those singaporeans got damn pissed and wanted a rematch. But in between game 1 and 2, they were just taunting each other in such a humorous way that I had to put this down. 18SG: For some vulgarity

I was in the channel at that time just because I was interested to see how they were going to square off but when they went for their Round2, they didn't leave a slot for me =/ Haha, I was damn curious to see if the people of the isle of lions could win it back.

Note: there was another nice guy, also in the game, who msged me later telling me that they all dropped from the game and the singaporeans said they had to leave. Hey, did you hear that? I think I heard someone saying, 'nuff said.

This whole fiasco actually reminds me of how easy it is to talk big when you cannot possibly meet up with the person you're heckling. In fact, the person who's talking big will most probably be psychologically visualised as a man that looks like a brute gangster based on the words he use and the efficacy in which he demeans another man. He could be a kid for all you know.

Well, as unfair as it seems, truth be told if you get involved in a flame war that spurned off from a DOTA match, then at the end of the day, DOTA skills have to be the critical factor that decides who's the proprietor and who's the property. OF course, a gentlemanly DOTA player will not simply point at you and say, "Noob, you got pwned." Or have individual members from the team spell out the word 2EZ.

But that's a story for another day.


By Cmingo

Sometimes I wonder why I'm so artistic.

I think I made this like 6 years ago. Man, I'm so.... abstract.

i'm sexy

I still have no idea what it signifies.


By Cmingo

Let there be you, let there be me, let there be oysters under the sea.

I'm 20. I love my friends. I love my family. I'm happy.


By Cmingo

Like a fellow once said, ain't that a kick in the head.

So finally my pc came back, and good news: huge format and the fella couldn't back it up. So... lost all the videos and pictures of all the bloody family trips which I painstakingly took. Lesson of the day: always burn stuff into CDs.

Finally, for today will be the last day of my GP posting. I would not daresay that it hasn't been a valuable learning experience, for it has, but 5 days can be a little migraine inducing. Speaking of days, I am only attending 4 because I caught a bloody cold WHICH I'm still having. Blergh. My phlegm came out from my nose. Damn fun to tease it with my fingers.

I'll be 20 soon. In fact, as soon as 2 days. Haha. January 9th. <--

Am thinking of having a birthday bbq thingy at my house but throughout my life I've had these massive phobias.

Phobia 1: NO ONE will turn up!
Phobia 2: The people who turn up do not enjoy themselves!


I am a bloody noob.

Being 20 is going to be different. The tingling sensation that can only be Responsibility is running through my veins. 20 woh.... Do not play and play. 6million blinks of an eye, and I'm finally going to leave teenhood. Shit, I don't want to grow up.



By Cmingo

Happy New Year All!

Dragon bar is full of dragons.

Yeah, so anyway, it was a batang-ish new year party. 3 lectureboys and one chwan ren dancing with each other. Shiver. We came in at 11.59 for the moment of silence and before we even realised it, it was the new year. :/

So anyway, news of the day was: Han Nien got man-handled in a homosexual manner. An unseen figure put both hands on Han Nien's waist and gyrated with him to the music. owned.

As if that wasn't enough to provoke some sort of homo-response from nien, ten minutes later that same man went and grope his ass. 'nuff said.

And presenting a new blogger: Chai "The Eye" Leng