I'm normally not so dull

But the last tryst at Velvet I reverted to a sulky shadow that sat on the stool and looked like he wished to be anywhere but there.

TO be fair, I was looking forward to a good night out seeing as how I'm back in home sweet home only for a good 3 weeks. Perhaps it was my long hiatus from hard liquor that set me off as my initial sip into that awful tasting mix was enough to open the floodgates of nausea and malaise. In my defense, I can actually hold my drink a lot longer than the average Asian man, excluding those of South Asian origin of course.

Just next to me Wei Jin was wasting no time downing the whiskey in loving memory of every solitary ringgit that he paid out for it. His ravenous desire to intoxicate himself as quickly as possible enticed everyone else to join in, and seeing as how everyone was beginning to catch up on him, he imbibed a few more glasses to be again one step ahead in getting his money's worth. Just looking at my glass made me feel woozy and I'm beginning to wonder if this was some odd drug interaction with the loratadine/pseudoephedrine sulphate tablet that I popped before I left the house- but attempting to remember pharmacology just made me feel more sick.

So I ended up just not doing much for the majority of the night, choosing instead to put on a 'lansi' look which was crudely interpreted by everyone else as a 'sien' look. It is an interesting experience however staying sober while the party around you became a lot more inebriated. I maintain that alcohol must be one of man's greatest social inventions if not the greatest. Even Jesus preferred a barrel of chardonnay over a barrel of water.

That being said, always know your limits.

(For the record, no one looked like that on that night)

After a few hours however of doing basically nothing, the moment came to pass and I was feeling like my chirpy old self again. Unfortunately for me(and the rest of the party), the night was soon to be over. It seems like I would have to wait a few more days before I can put my ethanol tolerance to test again. Roar.