They were two simple chinese men making a living in a predominantly white nation. English was more fruitful now with a few phrases in between the both of them and at such an age, learning was slow and hardly taken seriously. However they had their little corner of the world in a quaint chinese restaurant and on Thursday evenings, they could sip some chinese tea served in tattered cups- and chat languidly of the adversities they faced this week.

A Gwai Lou got on his nerve, he was saying. He was walking down chinatown minding his own business as all chinese men do when the Gwai Lou, in the most brazen of tones, "NI HAO MA..!~". To which of course he did not reply and that earned him a prompt following, "KONICHIWA!~" His friend gave an earnest laugh - do not mind them, they do not like us and feels we are overcrowding their country. If given the chance, they would send each and every one of us home.

His friend now tells a story, he was getting his groceries when he asked the lady what that extra charge was for and he received a patronizing reply - "YESS mister.... that's what we do HERE... you buy something and you.. have.. to.. pay.. for.. it.." Each word pronounced slowly for his benefit. Each word rolled around like she was speaking to a person who was beneath her.

So the two simple chinese men came to agree that racism is a prevailing evil.

After tea, they both set off on their way but at the entrance of the restaurant, a family of indian descent was walking past - " Lei tai ha li pan sek ka li ge yan - hou lan cho" (Look at these curry-eating people, so damn noisy) To which his friend gave an earnest laugh again in acknowledgement and they both went home.

Moral of the story? You tell me.