The CLAW that rules us all.

So being the long time owner of a very addictive personality, I have probably fallen prey to these claw machines a little more times than I should have allowed myself to. These machines depend heavily on its alluring pull to earn its keep and when it allows you to think, "Wow, I was so close~!", then it has got you beat. We got lucky that day.

Us 3 boys were simply hanging about for an innocuous afternoon movie,(Harold and Kumar is hilarious btw), when we spotted one of the CLAWs and my inner voice told me that I would be a winner today. So Jaycen was around me and being the pessimist that he was sniggered at my attempts to win a cute little fluffy bear while Han Sian simply looked on in glee as he does at everything else that's happening around him.

First try, unlucky. Second try, success! The claw got a snug hold of one of the teddy bear's derriere and it never looked back. Third try, another win! Fourth! Fifth!
I was on a hot streak and won 7 in the space of a minute. We were holding like 2 or 3 bears each and was actually feeling embarrassed for winning so many that we decided to deposit it all in the car and come back again for round two.

This time HanSian was also equally hooked and won a few of his own with Jaycen also winning one with ease. We came to the conclusion that the machine was bugged because the claw's grasp was unusually strong and it was actually more difficult for a teddy bear to NOT get grabbed by the CLAW.

So after watching Harold and Kumar holding two teddies each, we went back to the machine and was surprised that no one else tried it seeing as how we Azns were completely pounding it. So we did what our parents would want us to do, went on to win the remaining toys.

We ended up with 15 teddies that day! An amazing haul for such a usually difficult game. These were the pictures which we excitedly took to remind us of how awesome we were.