I am very kiasu.

Suprisingly enough, I have only come to full realisation of this innate trait of mine just recently. I mean, I've never had the doubt once that I am pretty much someone who hates losing regardless of the situation at hand but it was just during a cute game of charades with the gang recently that I could feel my kiasu-ness gnawing at me, that other voice that talks to me from time to time telling me how I shouldn't lose this even though it's just a fun game that comes along with bunnies and daisies.

I invented a special victory dance which involved a fair amount of butt-gyrating to be used against Charlene after each point we won. Why? Because I wanted to slam it in her face. Not the butt of course but rather the fact that we've just scored a point.

I don't think I'm success-driven(scholars, top students etc) but in the acute situation, such as playing a game of dota/poker/Taboo, I am completely driven by the obsession that runs through my very soul - I need to win this game. ROAR DROOL SPITTLE.

I bet the awakening of my kiasuness must have been my one-month stint in Singapore for electives. Not that I particularly met anyone who was very kiasu but perhaps it was the air I breathed or the water I drank that transformed me from closet kiasu to full blown ROAR DROOL SPITTLE must win must win must win.

rofl. On a side note, I thoroughly enjoyed Singapore and I think it can be a very wonderful country to live in.

However, I am very much in control of my kiasu-ness I hope and for one am adamant against the idea that I'm a sore loser if things don't go my way because in the contrary, as kiasu as I am, I think I'm a very good loser when it does happen and it's happening at a very regular rate now that I'm dotaing against europeans losingeverysinglegamewtfshit :/ And the worst thing for a kiasu fellow to experience is repeated losses again and again. As much as I MAY APPEAR to be very bitter after a loss, I'm actually quite constructive about it. BTW you know why we keep losing dota games? cause I am not good enough to carry the team as my mirana farms too slow and my SF keep dying etc etc fark I digress sorry let me get back to my point.

I can't really remember my point now but talking about dota has reminded me of how I'm still doing little teenager stuff when there are people around me getting married, finding a house ETC ETC. And when they start chatting about life finances and all the serious stuff all I do is count in my head the days left before my next allowance arrives in my bank account.

Happy Good Friday. Friday is my favourite day of the week anyway hands down. I love the way the fffffrrrr sound rolls in your mouth if you're dictating the word REAL slowly.

And it's time to sleep. Laterz.