I should be an established blogger.

But I've turned my blog into one of those sites that don't get updated for 6 years and things start falling apart like the chatterbox, the comments, and all you're left with is a random myriad of text that reminds the reader what a witty little fellow I once was.

So when did it all stop? I actually started blogging in 2002! Wow, that's like before kennysia even discovered the computer. So why am I not a famous icon in the "blogosphere" and weaving advertorial power through my musings?

That's because: I'm boring as hell.

The current trend is, you have to write what people love to read:

1) Include pictures of beautiful people - for the hamsap fellows

2) write funny stories of yourself - so that people can have a good laugh and link you to their friends

3) occasionally write a moving piece of self-discovery - so that readers know you are a sensitive soul just trying to find his place in the big bad world

4) talk about food

5) include more beautiful pictures

Okay, the major problem with this list of pre-requisites is: I don't have enough beautiful people to take a picture of! I guess it's time to camwhore myself repeatedly if I'm looking to gain more hits.

Anyway, I'm kicking up this little blogging revival because I randomly met this slightly famous msian blogger named su ann and her conversations reminded me of why it was fun to blog in the very first place.

Get ready for a cmingo.blogspot.com revival!